Are pain docs, rheumatologists or hybrid docs best?

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    Just found this board. Interesting. Am a 26 yr. veteran of fibro., and have tried just about everything. Am considering the Teitelbaum approach, but am skeptical about the money and off-the-mainstream testing/meds. I am now taking pain, antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds., and would like to reduce that. Question: who is best at handling this stuff? Pain docs or rheumatologists? I talked to a psychiatrist who does the Teitelbaum regimen, and he doesn't accept any insurance (of course).
    Any thoughts on the best practioners for fibro pain? I have had no luck with acupuncture or trigger pt. injections.
    Would be nice to hear from others. In the Balto. area.
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    I see a DO's practice in the Wash. DC area that specializes in chronic pain. At this clinic, I receive acupuncture, osteo manipulation, tissue massage and other physical therapy, homeopathic treatments, supplements and conventional medications. I have a full team of docs attending to my care and, if I should need it, there are 2 psychologists, tai chi and yoga classes, as well as 3 physical therapists -- one of whom I've been seeing weekly for over 3 years now.

    In contrast, I see my rheumatologist only about 2x year. She has been happy with the progress I've shown under this regimen; however, my reactive arthritis (Reiter's Disease) has caused such chronic swelling in my tissues that I'm having to see her to return to longterm antibiotics.

    It's all about finding what works for you, of course. My attitude at this point is to pursue healing in whatever way it comes to me. I won't try things that are potentially harmful.

    Good luck to you.
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    After reading many months of "doc-commentary" here, I truly believe it depends entirely on the doctor (a rheumatologist who doesn't acknowledge FM is of no value, any more than a chiropractor, pain specialist, etc who isn't trained to care for, and knowledgeable about, the FM patient's needs) and also, your specific symptoms. For example, are you having lots of debilitating neurological symptoms? Finding a neurologist---but, again, one who is trained to treat the FM patient---may be key. For every person here on this forum who rants about a lousy rheumy or neuro visit, there is another who raves about their excellent doctor---so much just depends on the person you find, their degree of awareness about FM diagnosis and treatment, and their sensitivity to our needs----AND willingness to be educated to new ideas WE may want to try! Many here, I think our moderator Mikie is one, have mentioned how refreshing it is to have a doctor who is interested in learning more about FM, and working with the patient to try new things.

    Good luck with finding the right care,
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