Are sleep disorders and CFS the same thing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Jan 12, 2003.

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    I have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, I don't go into/sustain a deep level of sleep. Just skip from level 2 to REM or back to level 1. Also, diagnosed with CFS. If the sleep disorder gets under control, will the CFS go away? From what I understand there really isn't a cure for the sleep disorder either. Dr. just said to take tylenol pm and sleep whenever my body will let me. In other words, quit working and catnap all the time. Are they related, or 2 differenct disorders which just happen to share intense fatigue? I've had this sleep disorde since I can remember, but not CFS until the last several months. Oh, Dr. said it was compounded by depression. What if that gets taken care of, not happenintg so far, though and been on meds since July? This is all sooo confusing :( I've cut my work day donw from 10 hrs to 7. Will that be enough to catch up? Or am I living in a delusional world and should just give up and sleep whenever? Any advice appreciated.
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    I do believe Jellybelly covered all the bases here with sleep disorders, I wanted to tell you to be careful with Tylenol PM. If taken in large doses over a long period of time it can cause liver damage.

    I don't know if the symptoms of FM/CFS will go away if you can get to deep stage four sleep, but I can tell you that it does help how you feel.

    Since I have been sleeping 7-8 hours a night, I am at the very least 80% better than I was before. I mean that I am 80% better than I was a year ago, but not 80% better than I was before I got Fibro, which was 20 plus years ago, there is an age factor to add in here too. I am much older, so do not expect miracles from anything.

    My pain is way down, the fatigue is less frequently (I don't have the fatigue like CFS, but I do get it, it will last about three days at a time).

    I am not kidding myself I will be cured by this, but I am enjoying being in less pain, and capable of doing things I could not do before I started to get a deep sleep pattern.

    I can not remember when I slept like a normal person, I really never did.
    I can go back to four or five years old, and I remember using my Dad's flashlight to read under the covers at night, as I could not sleep even then (got my butt smacked manytimes for the batteries in the flashlight too!).

    My family just consided me stubborn as a child, and then later we just thought I was a typical Nighthawk! I had no problems functioning with a few hours sleep all my life, untill I got pneumonia when I was 30, after that is when the pain started in my back.

    From then till now, I have never really been what people would call pain free! I was never disabled, but I always remember being in pain after the pneumonia. No one related it to my lack of sleep untill years later.

    Then I went through all the sleeping pills on the market, but most only helped for a short time, and many of the newer drugs I simply could not tolerate.

    From my personal point of view, I do think that both FM/CFS are sleep related. Hopefully someday the powers that be, will find the cause, then a cure for both these illnesses.

    Never give up, there is something out there to help us all, we just have to find it!

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. I doubt if any of us can 'catch' up on sleep.
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    I am currently using a cpap machine and taking ambien at night, but I still feel really lousy during the day. I have also recently started taking omega 3 supplements, calcium, magnesium, daily vitamin, and nystatin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.