Are There Antivirals for EBV?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by slowingdown, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Are there any effective antivirals for EBV? Finally, a few pieces of my declining health is fitting together. I've had joint and muscle issues for a few years and the chiropractor thought it could be FM. I managed with decompression therapy, exercise, reduced activities, etc. Then, my world fell apart in Jan. with the first vertigo attack and then flares about every 4-6 weeks thereafter that the doctors called flu/virus. I never felt OK in between the flares, but the worst always lasted 2 weeks or more (could only stand about 4 minutes at a time, extreme fatigue, dizziness, ear pressure, etc., etc. After some blood work in Mar., and MRI, and repeated dr. visits to internist, allergist, and neurologist I still knew nothing until yeterday. My chiropractor ordered a fasting glucose, several more thyroid tests even though the TSH in Mar. was only 3.4. My blood sugar was slightly elevated in Mar. but my internist said it wasn't a problem since it wasn't a fasting test. My chiro also ordered an EBV test. Well, the EBV came back high for all the EBV antibodies. I had another 2 week "flare" right before that blood work. My Reverse T3 is also elevated and my glucose is high (not bad, but my dr. knows how I eat and said if I ate like a normal person with junk, sugar, sodas, etc. my sugar would be really bad).

    So, I have several issues and don't know what they will tackle first. I have a nerve conduction test in 2 weeks (previously scheduled before this blood work) to determine something about numbness, slowed processing, etc. I want to do some research before then. It seems clear to me now and my chiro that the "flares" that doctors worried were MS or Lupus or RA (tests were negative) are probably recurring EBV that attacks my inner ear. What can I do to keep this from happening over and over? I rest, eat right, etc. Are there antivirals to take for EBV? I work fulltime as an elementary teacher and have to get my strength back. I missed 17 days of school last semester and went like a walking zombie a good part of the time. Thankfully, lots of snow days also fell during my flares. I would spend the whole weekend on the couch just making my way through a few stacks of papers to grade.

    I'm prepared to make life adjustments to get through this, My husband is very supportive and has agreed that we may need to get housekeeping help so I can rest more when school starts again. I try to be thankful for the little things to keep my attitude positive, but these "flares" can just hit me out of nowhere. Please Help!
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    I am not sure that Valcyte is effective on EBV, I believe it is more effective against HHV6a but the study is not over.

    I use acyclovir but I prefer Valtrex.

    Acyclovir is slightly different but still effective.

    it is generic and easy for me to get a script for.


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