Are there any men here other than myself and bpmwriter?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by damz68, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. damz68

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  2. cczub

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    I'm a 27 year old male from New Jersey. Been dealing with this for 9 months now and still can't get any help from the doctors! I'm 27 and for christmas I asked and gor a new heating pad and electric blanket!!! That's how bad it is.. They do help though so I don't care.
  3. zerped

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    I'm a DWM, same age as Oprah and John Travolta (that sounds much better than just "51 years old" doesn't it?). Worked at a drug-and-alcohol treatment center when I came down with ME/CFIDS. I've got my hearing before a judge scheduled for Feb. 6, so I'm all amped about that. The psych evaluation they required resulted in a diagnosis by their psych that I am unable to work at any kind of regular job, so I'm optimistic. Good to meet you guys.

  4. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    Yes there are a few of us here. Perhaps we tend to lurk instead of chat.
    I've had CFS since '91.
  5. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    Do any of you have an idea of what might have happened that made you ill?

    I always thought I may have lyme because of the time I spend outdoors and pulling ticks is common for me. I also have always been socially anxious. I am being treated for lyme despite testing neg. They clinically diagnosed me and I tested pos to babesia.
  6. cczub

    cczub New Member

    This all started after I spent time working in Puerto Rico pulling some serious overtime. I worked a little over 300 hours in one month. Got back to the states feeling very tired but just figured it was from being over worked. It got a little better the has gotten continually worse.

    Lack of quality sleep is what I link most of it to. Even when I get 1 night of good sleep it seems like it's just not enough to start righting the fatigue and pain...
  7. goldenrod

    goldenrod New Member

    Hi, not sure what started it but it was not the typical fibro or cfs, I had extreme pain in different areas and muscle waisting on the right side. I still believe that I came into contact with a toxin or virus that damaged my nervous system ....or..... there is a unknown disease that is affecting so many. I do think someday many people who have fibro and cfs will be given a diagnosis for a neurological disease. a disease that they did not know existed...think about M.S or A.L.S, for decades people were just told they were depressed or nothing was wrong until it got figured out. just my opinion though
    take care
  8. bct

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    with CFS since 1994. Lots of guys here, but as has been said, we lurk a lot while the chat goes on.....and on....and on...!

  9. darude

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    Wanatango is a male!!! Only one I can think of.
  10. StillOptimistic

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    I was diagnosed with FM a little over 2 years ago. It has been difficult at times. I am a programmer, so my job doesn't require much physical activity, but sometimes I can hardly get out of bed in the mornings. I have a great Dr who is doing her best to help me. I started on Lyrica about a month ago. Since I've gotten up to a therapeutic dose, I have been feeling more my old self. Sadly, today is not a good day. Very tired and achy. I have Kadian for breakthrough pain, but I try not to take it at work because it makes me a little drowsy. I am 44 yrs old. I have a wonderful, understanding wife. She is a nurse practitioner so she helps me with my meds when I have brain fog so bad that I can't remember when I last took them. Enough about me, what kind of regimen do you use?

    Oh, it is true. I tend to lurk around and read all the posts, but I hardly ever respond. Nice to know that I have other guys out there who will understand what I'm going through. Thanks!
  11. damyank

    damyank New Member

    I am 34 yr. old male presently residing in SC got dx in june of this year.I have good and bad days but mostly bad days as of late.But you are not alone.

  12. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Even though my testerone levels are low from this CFS since I've had since around '90, I'm male!
    I'm 39 and CFS has reduced me from a full-time teacher, mountain climber, skiier, mountain biker, to a housebound, disabled and very dependent person.
    Still, life goes on and I have many blessing nonetheless.
    I just got engaged to a wonderful woman that takes great care of me.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    BY THE MORE vocal women, there are males here. (News flash: Last summer a woman walked into the lobby of our building: she was NOT talking on a cell phone.)

    I was born into a dysfunctional, alcholoic family and have been depressed most of my life. Got CFS at age 40 and had to give up practicing law. Worked part-time till retirement age. Last 2 years was only able to work 2 hrs a day.

    Bought a bottle of pills w/o my group coverage after I retired. Over $400 for one bottle. That's ten to twelve thousand per year for pills. So now I've become one of
    those pathetic case you hear about. We'll see if the new Medicare program does anything.

    I have stopped taking pills except for my antedepressant . W/o it I get terrible depressed and angry.

    Life is no bowl of cherries depsite the old song from the depression era. Thank God I've kept my sense of humor and my stunning good looks!
  14. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I hope you don't mind my commenting on your post.

    Thanks for posting this thread. I know a man who attends the same church as I do and he has very similar symptoms to mine. I've was diagnosed with FMS and CFIDS 8 years ago. None of the doctors he has seen have even hinted that he might have FMS. They have run all the norm tests (lupus, rhematoid arthritis, etc.) and all negative. He had his blood checked for allergies and came back allergic to lots of things. It has helped him somewhat to give up certain foods and beer, but out of the blue he'll have a flare-up.

    I think it would be helpful if more men with FMS/CFIDS spoke up. A large part of the medical community thinks only menopausal, hysterical women who need psychological help have these symptoms. The most sympathetic doctors are those who are women, or are men who have the illness themselves or a wife or daughter who is afflicted.

    Thanks so much for speaking up. We need to hear from you guys.

  15. justonemoreday

    justonemoreday New Member

    I was told 9 months back that I had FM, i am tired and hurt lots. my newest pain is from work, i have a tuff time doing it but i still work. bench work for computer repair. they want to move me to a job that will require lots of walking which I can not do, FM tightens my muscles and then I get siatica from over use of my muscles then a flare up and i'm exhausted!! they at work don't understand my problems because I look ok from outside except when I limp. they told me at work if I can't do my job then maybe i shouldn't be doing the one i do. i was so hurt and mad, it's bad enough not being able to get around like others, and HAVE to work for money, i don't need their insults and careless actions, the exercise will be good for me they said! i am disabled not injured and i truely believe they are not following ADA guidelines. thanks for letting me vent!!! i will bypass my boss go to HR and ask for a motorized cart. anyone ever do something like that?
  16. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member


    another male
    Yes there are a few of us here. Perhaps we tend to lurk instead of chat.
    I've had CFS since '91.

    yeah i think that happens allot.... i'm almost amazed there are this many men in here. Was almost feeling a little missplaced eh..

    good to know....

    i've had CFS/FM since i was 15 .. completely wrecked my teenage years.. and everything else for that matter....still fighting for answers though

    Since this topic is here, i might as well take advantage...

    i have to ask... i see allot more men who would describe their illness as more on the side of CFS than FM... any of you agree with that?.. i think thats only because women's systems are different from men, bone structure, muscles etc.... and tend to feel the physical pain more than the Fatigue (even though the pain is there for women ) so that still leads me to believe that CFS and FM are the same.
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  17. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    I think the reason we dont speak up is because in a way it is embarassing. A man is suppose to be tough, he is suppose to go to work every day and pay the bills. It is even harded to admit we have something that science has yet to prove.
  18. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    What part of SC are you from? I am in the upstate. If I do have lyme I think I got it in either Aiken, Berkely or Dorchester counties.

    Lammota I knew you spoke about it I judt never realized you had it.

    I figured 5 or 6 men would repond and the thread would quickly get shuffled back 2 pages. I hate you all are going through this crap but I am glad I am not alone.
  19. H-Dman

    H-Dman New Member

    Male 49 diagnosed 2000 FM/CFS. Don't post much read alot. Currently working on obtaining disability benefits. Ex-Utility Lineman.
  20. -Jimbo-

    -Jimbo- New Member

    My name's James 37 from Dartmoor UK. Have FM, off work 12 years.

    No wife and apparently too "needy" for women to tolerate me in any kind of relationship. It feels the same when it comes to friends.

    I'm convinced Fibromyalgia is caused by amalgum, I've been getting relief by loosening up my teeth creating some circulation. I'm just about to make an appointment for them to be replaced with a non toxic substitute. I'll report back if it works or not.

    Joys: Cannabis + tea, music/rythem (trying to make it), current affairs/news, going out on moors with landlady's dog. Eating well - fish salad etc. I'm going to say it.... RELEASE! (man thing).

    Sorrows: Abuse by doctors. Bullies who spot your pain a mile away and enjoy it. The British medical profession for being a collective moron. Drink depresses me. Family upsets.

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