Are there any nurses W/Fibro in the message board?......

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    Are there any nurses with fibromyalgia in this message board who can tell me how, or if they have been able to continue working with FM? I am currently on short term disability and considering looking into another profession. These 12hr shifts, with 1 1/2 commutes each way to work, working 4 - 6 shifts per week have put me almost totally to bed with very short intervals of activity. Any suggestions???
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    I know there are several nurses on this board. If you don't get answers right away, hang it there. If I notice you haven't had replies, I'll bump this post throughout the day to keep you at the top of the list!


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    Haven't worked in years due to this DD. I often have these thoughts of panic, of trying to support myself on my own. Thankfully my husband's income does that. But we are not rich and have learned to go without the extras. If I tried to work as a nurse it wouldn't be successful.

    Going back to school to become a massage therapist, where I can chose my hours of work, was one thought. The other was trying to find a phone triage work or a nursing job in research. But haven't had the energy to explore any of it. Certainly finding a job closer to home so that you don't commute 3 hours a day may help. That is 12-18 hours a week of time you would have to rest and relax. Good luck in your search. Keep us posted as to what you decide. -Karen
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    There is a 'nurses poll' posted after your question. Maybe you will get more response this time of day!
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    I haven't been able to work due to this DD and neck/back injuries sustained in a rearending. I was a home/hospice nurse. I miss it very much. I too am searching for a legitamate home based business. I'm awaiting a disability trial. God Bless