Are there any real dog whisperers out there????

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    I have had some success with my girls but they are being agressive toward other dogs we met on our walks. It is more out of fear.

    I have already proved to them I can handle the packs that chase us and other dogs that want to. I met 2 very nice dogs yesterday, one was a german shep and the other was bigger but had poodle hair like a short haired sheep dog?

    They were so calm and looked at my manaics just barking, barking barking like they were crazy. The owner came out and I talked to her and still could not calm my dogs down , so we left.

    I went back today and stopped the cart and walked them on leases back up the raod them back to the house with the dogs. It was back and forth, they finally calmed and sniffed but Missy had to show her teeth and the german did the same and snapped. SO that was it. We left.

    I have done everything by the book and the show. I know I have to work on me and stay calm and strong but it is really hard to do EVERYDAY when you had those week days, and they know it and push me then.

    They still chase anything or anyone that dare came down their road. I have been tieing then up or in the house for several weeks so it is a transistion for them so they are rebelliing.

    Then other times the 3 of all curl in bed and we perfectly happy. Any advice would be appreciated-Carla
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    I'm afraid I can't be of much help, other than to give you my sympathy.

    Are there real dog whisperers? I believe there are. I am not one, though.

    I have had dogs such as yours, and could not solve the problem either.

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    Thank you for your sympathy and support. They know I am top "dog" in the house and we do fine when we go to the NH, the Vet and I take them to the shop when I work.

    There is one dog park 15 miles from me and the day I was on that side of town I went by not a soul was there.

    I have been considering a class but I know it is me that needs the work. I have the walk down BUT when a squirel or other wildlife or dogs show up, they are a lost cause.

    They are both very stubborn in different ways. What I need is someone to come to my house for a few hours and go up and down my road while I work with them on the porch.

    My other problem is my niegbors dog, he is basically a ferrel dog, I have tried working with him, took him on our walks but I can't contain 3 dogs when something goes wrong.

    The last time I walked him with mine, I was pulled to the ground in front of new nieghbors with a cute puppy.

    He stays over here 99% of the time. Now that mine are tied up and he leaves the yard to go into the woods, Twy starts barking and won't stop. I am telling her NO and pulling on her rope and she won't stop until I get a hold of her. Stubborn.

    In the house if Butter, nieghbors dog, starts barking mine start too, but I have had success in making them stop in the house with the shhht sound and the finger with the look.

    There is nothing I can do about Butter. I feel sorry for him because they don't even offer him shelter, he is never allowed in the house, she has allergies. He has never seen a vet if he survives this winter I will be surprised.

    Sorry to go on so long, I am just frustrated with the barking and it is hard to be calm when that trigger is pulled. The barking drives me crazy. Thanks again for your support-Carla
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    I am reading called "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell, its all about behavior and being the alpha of your pack. Also, Cesar Milan has a new book out about controlling your dogs, alpha stuff too
    Mine are the same way.. well, one is pretty good but the other one has fear-aggression and barks like a lunatic when the wind blows!
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    I'm whispering...

    Oh Carla, after raising pit bulls for years we just got a tea cup chihuahua. Got him two weeks before my neck surgery so he has been my constant companion through recovery. I'm finding though, this little monster that ways less than a pound is more dog than my pit bulls! I'm having a tough time convincing a dog the size of a soda can that I'm the alpha dog so no advise here, just my sympathies!

    love to ya girlee..
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    Thanks for your kindness. And you have my sympathies too.

    I have watched every Dog Whisperer a dozen times and have a book called The Dog Whisperer that was written 10 years ago before Ceasar mad it a show.

    I totally get the the alpha dog and I can do it, but when I am having a bad day it is hard to remain calm when the totally ignore me. Twy even taunts me, esp when she gets loose. She did it yesterday. Two kids walked by and I was in the house trying to work on my website and I had to get up and go out and reel her in on the rope and she got out of her collar and was off and running. So I ignored her and brought Missy in started doing tricks and treats with her, next thing there is Twy at the door wanting in. She got no treats.

    Dona when did you have neck surgery? I haven't seen you and Tonakay posting lately. Last I read her husband was in a bad car wreck. I had to laugh at your soda can size dog being harder to control that a bit bull. Those little dogs have really big egos :)

    Good luck your fur kids and thanks for sharing-Carla
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    You knew I'd have to chime in, didn't ya!

    First I'd take one at a time. I know you don't like to do that and the dogs don't like to be left home alone, but unless one of us is Ceasar, we should probably work on one at a time. They get ideas from each other!

    What I've found is that the trick is to get their attention before you get to the "situation". As you walk toward the distraction get the dogs attention on you (use treats if you need to). If he switches his attention to the distraction, immediately turn around and go the other way. Don't let him fixate on the problem, just turn and walk calmly away. Go back a ways and start again.

    Usually your dog will want to meet the another dog, not antagonize it. If, however, you have more than one dog with you they seem to egg each other on and the new dog they are "greeting" may get scared or confused. He sees your pack coming after him and may get defensive, especially if you are in his territory or he has no place to retreat to safely. If you turn and walk away the new dog will usually relax a little and might be calmer on your next try.

    Of course I don't know all the details of your situation, but you might try the above and see if it works. You'll have to do it over with the other dog and it won't work all at once, but eventually you should be able to take both dogs by and not have a problem.

    We work on greeting other people with dogs the same way. We walk toward each other, make the dogs sit, and the humans greet each other. If one of the dogs gets up, the handler makes a left hand u-turn into the dog and walks back a ways before turning and coming back to the face to face position. It really helps if you can get someone to work with you, with or without another dog.

    Hope that helps. BTW it's hard to get their attention in a whisper! LOL But if we yell they think we are barking, too!

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    I have a Jack Russell who is very hyper. We started with walks alone, just the two of us. I walked fast and did not allow her to dally around. She began to really enjoy it. Like they say, she was in the "zone" just walking along so nice.

    When she deviated, I did the "SHHHHHSH" noise the kept walking. Maybe it just takes practice. Also maybe you can only walk them one at a time. Both my dogs always influenced each other with negative habits.
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    It is not possible to walk them one at a time becasue I ride my cart to wear I walk them about 2 miles away. If I walk them in my nieghborhood, Butter is a constant distraction, he ALWAYS runs in front of us and causes problems

    I have tried tieing Butter up but now he is wise and will not come to me.

    Sometimes I don't see the distraction, like a squirell until it is too late. But I do control the other dogs we see on our rides. I have several packs that chase us, but I stopped the cart and do my assertive thing and they turn and walk away.

    My other problem is I really have no one to work with me that has good dogs. I may have to resort to hiring someone to help me with that task.

    I have won 70% of the battle so far esp in the house, it is the outside that I can't control everytime. But I won't give up and will do my best everyday because I do get it but it is hard to be consistant and strong everyday with the fatigue. As you well know we can't fake it with them, they know when we are weak.

    Thanks for your advice and I will keep on trying-Carla