Are there degrees of FM? I hurt terribly

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    I suffered so much pain for years, but just thought it was stress. Finally it got so bad I couldn't seem to stand it. I was diagnosed with FM. The "fog" part is terrible, I cannot think. I have severe pain in my belly and all large muscle groups. (I also have IBS, Migraine, and dry-eye syndrome.)

    I wrote this post because a friend recently was diagnosed with FM also, but she has very little pain seemingly compared to me. She only has to take Ibuprofen 3 times a day, and a Valium at night, and she is fine.

    Whereas, I cannot make it without Vicodin for pain, and Ativan for Anxiety, and at night I take also Benadryl for sleeping (would love to have a sleeping pill, but my doc will not prescribe it.) I also am allowed to take Valium as a muscle relaxant, but not too often. (so as not to mix too much stuff.)

    Since I have pain meds, I have stopped crying all the time. However, I feel so depressed that others like my friend do not seem to need pain meds. I also tried lots and lots of anti-depressants and other stuff like that, but it all had terrible side effects. I don't get any side effects from the Vicodin, except that I wish I could not take it.

    For years I was like my friend, and took only Ibuprofen and Valium at night, but I got worse and worse. The only other thing that helps me is exercise.

    Is it normal for FM to get worse? Do some people have "light" cases of it? I really do feel bad that I seem to be such a mess with this disease. I cannot think how to do any Math at all, it is horrible having to pay bills, my house is a mess, and I feel all the time like I just can't keep up with Life anymore. I guess this is depression?

    Anyway, any support you can offer will be appreciated.

    P.S. And I am sorry I haven't been here for a while. I just got so discouraged that I sort of gave up. Just doing the bare minimums to get through the chores I have to do, and do my exercise (most of the time.) And sorry, for the "pity party" sound of this post. I'm just very discouraged.

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    i have been in pain for years and just got diagnosed this year. my pain is getting worse. i often think that it might be because i always used to push myself hard. even if i was sick or had pain, i would keep pushing and pushing. now, i can't and i am in bed so much. i think it has finally caught up with me. I told my husband that i think women have it so hard these days. we have to work and take care of a household, kids, pets etc. it's a 24/7 workweek with little time for sleep. unless of course you don't care about your job, like your house to be filthy and don't care what the kids are doing. i'm not like that. there is some consolation for all of this, i keep my house simple now so it stays cleaner, i have two great teenage boys and a caring husband. my husband and i had to grow together and our relationship took some hard work but we are ok. i have great pets now too. and they are easy to take care of. EASY IS A VERY IMPORTANT WORD WITH FM AND I AM LEARNING HOW TO BE EASY ON MYSELF. I NEVER KNEW WHAT REST WAS BEFORE. NOW IT IS MY MAIN WORD. LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi there,

    I definitly believe there are different degrees of FM, I also believe it is progressive and there are different kinds. I think there are people like myself and my mother who have had it all our lives and then others who get it after a trauma or accident or something.

    My mother has had this for 22 years diagnosed but we think her whole life since we can trace symptoms back to childhood, she is 60 now. I feel I am the same way, diagnosed for a few years but have had always, I am 31 now.

    My mother I would say is a little worse than me. She is on Fentanyl patches everyday and has not worked since she was diagnosed. She has had different degrees in the last few years but is basically a very severe case.

    My doctor also says I am severe FM but I am not quite as bad as my mom. I use Vicodin and Percocet to manage my pain but I am not taking them constantly. I use Lyrica and a few other meds too.

    I have 2 friends who also have FM and thier symptoms aren't as bad as mine. One of them uses very little meds and mostly supplements to treat her symptoms and she can do A LOT more than I can.

    The other friend is worse than the first but not as bad as me as she is still able to work and so on.

    So basically yes I think there are varying degrees, causes, types and so on. We are all so different and we are all affected differently.
  4. Noahvale

    Noahvale New Member


    I am sorry to hear about your pain. I too suffer from chronic pain. I don't know what to do about it sometimes. It is 5 am here in Wisconsin, and I haven't slept all night. In fact, it is hard for me to walk on the bottoms of my feet or even flex them. I have put a post out this morning in hopes to find another non-sleeper like me. I can't exercise..the doctor only wants me to walk 15 minutes at least 2 times a week..he says try to stay active..Easy for him to say. (sorry I am just angry that I can't sleep today).

    I have taken some Hydrocodone, but I can't sleep when I am taking that..has the adverse affect on me, and I don't know why. I take xanax for panick attacks and anti-depressants which the doc says is supposed to help with sleep and pain too. Boy, If I just had a magic wand!!

    I have another co-worker that has FM, but she must have pain like I do either, I think she swims alot to help with muscle pain. WIsh it was that easy.

    Sorry having a pity party for me here!!

    You take care Marv and try to rest.. Thats the only advise I have.

    God Bless!


  5. jenafuzzy

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    dear marw,

    i can tell you from experience that there are different levels of FM! Both of my sisters and I have FM and my middle sister is nearly disabled with it.

    my oldest sister and I have very bad days, but we don't take meds except over the counter stuff. my middle sister is on lots and lots of stuff and can't work.

    i really do think that it can get worse, even though it isn't degenerative. this has been my experience.

    don't feel too bad about getting so discouraged because i totally understand. remember that you are not alone!

  6. 1sweetie

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    There is definetly differnt degrees. In fact there is a scale that you can use to define what category your illness falls. Are you aware of it and if you are not, I will try to find it for you? Let me know if you want me to search for it.

    I relate to you. Venting is good. If I did not have this board to vent on and to see that people like you are the same as me, I'm afraid I could not have gone on any longer.

    As for bills, I use Bill Pay from my bank. Everything is setup on my computer. It is wonderful. I was a banker for year, I can explain that to you also if you are interested.

  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    The post that I wanted you to see was written by Hayleycole and she has already sent you a message.

    I started a thread called Looking for Hayleycole and she posted the chart on that thread.

    Please look at it and you can see how much difference there can be in the degree of abilities we can have and still have the same diseases.

    It will help you understand.
  8. marw

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    Thank you so very much, all of you who have answered! You cannot posssibly know how very much I appreciate these replies. I could feel Stress just rolling off of me as I was reading. And I started to relax, also. Somehow, I had lost track of how bad this disease is, and because I wasn't coming here, I had also started to become isolated. I'll certainly try not to do that again.

    I appreciate the valuable info, also. I will check the links you gave me, too. Sorry, I can't remember them, without looking, but will go do that now.

    Also, I will see if I can find a massage place that does the myofascial. I found one before but it was too expensive so I couldn't do it.

    I know Fibro can be caused (or is triggered by many things), but I keep blaming myself sometimes, when really I cannot help it (nor can anyone who has it, of course.) No one in my family ever had it, going back at least 3 generations (which is as far as we know) so I keep wondering how I got it, not that that is important. Most likely it was related to the many Physical injuries I had, most of which were to the Spinal Cord, and one head injury (concussion.) These were not serious at the time, and I recovered from each after a few months, with supposedly no lasting damage (except the herniated disks, which I have mostly fixed with Physical Therapy), but maybe that was not true. Something must have changed in my body.

    I loved to hear the word REST. And give myself permission to do it, without self-blame. I think that is the key. I do rest, but I always "blame" myself when I do. Then, too, my patience runs out....I was always very high-powered, so to speak.,..multi-tasking, and loving all the many things I did. So I have to keep re-adjusting.

    This Board just helps immensely. Thanks you all so much.

    About Paying the Bills on the computer, I'm not sure I can do that, because I never can seem to keep all the spies out of my computer, and am afraid of I.D. theft. (My computer is very old.)

    However, I could certainly start ahead of time....and I LOVED the idea of doing it on my own time. Thanks for that one, too!

    Bless you all,

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    I to have really bad flare ups I cant even walk the pain is everywhere,burning, aching ,I literally feel like I have a virus to boot and even get a low grade fever then I have days where I just ache some but not feel on fire like other times.I feel totally tired all of the time like someone has pulled the plug. I talk to someone the other day and she said even when I have really bad days i force myself to walk I said sounds like your bad days are my good days and all she takes is ibuprofen I wonder if she wasnt misdiagnosed because ibuprofen is for inflamation and fibro has no inflamation so it doesnt help it at all. I take darvocet when it gets bad but it doesnt seem to touch it on my really bad days!
    But then again maybe their is really varying degrees of fibro!
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  10. roseylisa

    roseylisa New Member

    try taking darvocet instead of vicodin the vicodin makes me feel hyper the darvocet makes you sleepy.

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