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  2. Heck, unless it has changed in the 2yrs since I've seen my gynecologist....

    My stupid INSURANCE won't pay for birth control of any kind... even though I am supposed to be on it for TREATMENT of Endometriosis, AND Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

    That's been the case with a lot of insurance companies, though, I've heard *SOME* have changed... it pi$$es me off, that ANY guy, of ANY age, could just stroll right into a dr's office, and SAY "I can't get/maintain an erection" and walk right out with a prescription for Viagra, or other ED drug, and have it covered by insurance,

    yet, not only will insurance not cover the pills, nor the depo-provera shot, or any other type of birth control as a contraceptive method,

    but, won't cover any of them either, for *treatment* of *diseases!!!*

    How rediculous is that?

    And, I doubt at all that there would be any type of grant for MCS, to replace anything in your home..

    My husband, who has severe sleep apnea, snoring, & chronic sinus infections, had to pay OUT OF POCKET for allergy testing, ($500), and, was shown to be severely allergic to dust mites, as well as moderately to two types of mold..

    His allergist told him the best thing we could do, was to purchase (quite costly) special covers for the mattress, every pillow, etc... and tear out all of our carpets..

    Hubby had already had a LOT of surgery, for his apnea/snoring/sinus infections, and also been on a whole list of allergy medications, (the old 'mix & match' game) he currently takes 3 different allergy medications, as well as does nightly saline sinus rinses...

    We definitely had NO help, to tear out the carpets, it took us 2 years, (tax check), and my husband, & stepdad, & my poor ill mom (fibro also, and diabetes, diverticulitis, etc) had to rip out all the carpets themselves,

    My stepdad & hubby then took several weekends, to prepare the floors (sweep, clean them, tear out all the million nails from the tack boards all along the walls,, make sure the floors were level)

    My parents saw laminate (the 'snap together' type 'wood' ) flooring, on sale at either Lowe's, or Menards, and headed up there... and actually the stuff they went to buy (with our saved up tax money), the store was out of, and they actually found a much prettier, Oak looking laminate flooring, that was *cheaper!* (YAY!!), so, this spring/early summer, they did one room each weekend together, until it was done...

    Unfortunately, our house, and the house right beside us, are like SWAMPS when it rains, we're on a downhill slope, but, still, our two houses flood so rediculously, it's just not even funny, our windows are also very old, thus, they do not seal well, since the wood around the outsides of them is rotted/rotting out, and, that has added to having a mold problem..

    Hubby also needs a dehumidifier, but, we literally have NO ROOM, to put one, any where... he bought one a while back, from Home Depot, and like everything else we buy there, it didn't work- he took it back, only to find, that they had NO more like it.. the rest of them that they had were all too big.

    So, we've done what we can (still don't have the recommended mattress, pillow, furniture covers)

    My stepdad also helped run some tubing out to our road, so that when the gutters drain, all that water, at least wouldn't run right back under our crawlspace... It has made a big difference, but, when it rains a lot, several days in a row, we still have to pump water out from under the house..

    We get NO help/reimbursement/coverage, etc for anything we have to do for his allergies, nor his apnea, etc..

    His ENT specialist HATES insurance companies, because, they will cover all sorts of surgeries, (but not EVERYTHING hubby needed done, but, 4/5 things he needed), they cover *sleep* studies..... but, they won't cover $1500 CPAP machines! The ENT said, "then I get guys in here that later on, are in their 30's/40's, overweight, and, having heart attacks... which cost the insurance co,'s WAY MORE money, then if they'd have just covered the *preventative* measures, in the FIRST place...

    The allergist doesn't comment as much, (probably since you have to pay for the *testing* too...) but, I think he feels that once allergies are proven- people *should* get SOME help, purchasing the necessary/crucial/vital needs, to improve the person's allergies. (then they wouldn't have to cover portions of THREE or more allergy medications *every month!* maybe, if they just paid ONE time for dust covers, etc..)

    I don't know where you live, nor whether that would matter... but, I have a feeling, that, even though some* doctors know MCS is real... I doubt that even the *believers* think that it is "that" serious... and insurance companies, *certainly* don't know... AND don't care...

    Take care, best wishes,

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    You might want to call your local (city, county) Housing Authority/Department. Many times they have home improvement grants and/or low interest loans to fix up your house. It may just be for things on the exterior of your home (like new windows) or for low water-usage fixtures (like low-flow toilets), but it's worth calling and asking about. They have this type of program in my city.

    Good luck, I hope you find something!

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    Yes , there are grats to fix your home . Are you officially disabled ? Then you should qualify for a grant. I will see if I can find the kind that I am talking about and get back to you .

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    This is HUD housing assistance . The page link is to find help in your state. If you look in the left column , there is a link to explain housing repair.

    Here is another one to try in your search for housing repair help . I hope you find a program that works for you !

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    Well I can tell you for sure that in WA state there is a place that will do work needed to your home. They did $32,000. on ours and if we had made $700. less a year we would not have had to pay one dime. Since we went over by just a few dollars they still did the work, put a lien on the home, but we will NEVER have to pay that lien unless we sell this house and then they told us the lien can just transfer on to owner to owner so no one ever pays it.

    OIC, Occupational Industrialization, darn I cannot think what C stands for just this moment.

    We phoned them because our home needed paint outside really bad and we heard of the program on our news. Our home is an older farm house and it had lead paint outside. Since we have a grandbaby we qualified for the program or if you have kids at home.

    So, we were accepted for that program and then a couple weeks later they phoned us and ask if we were interested on other programs, one is weatherization and then interior work.

    They painted the entire outside of our home, the entire inside, we got some new sub floors where needed, new vinyl flooring, new carpet, new handi-capped toilets, a new refrigerator, another oak cabinet added above our stove, a new hood range, new wiring outside and in, new electric wall heaters in 3 rooms (we only had wood heat), new ceiling lights and fans in both bathrooms, a new marble sink in mine since mine was not plumbed correctly, worked on our hot water heater that was not vented correctly and much more.

    We haven't paid one dime and since we don't plan to sell the house, we never will.

    There are OIC's in a lot of states and each have different programs.

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