Are there levels of disability discrimination?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Sep 25, 2006.

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    A fellow disabled coworker, who has already filed with EEOC, told me not to think that filing my own complaint would be worthless, just because one of the people promoted did have an ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act)-qualifying condition. The coworker told me that if my accommodations are more costly or more complicated than the one that was promoted, that would still be discrimination.

    Does anyone else have any information or thoughts on this?
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    Have you called Caryn yet?

    A better job awaits you. Just a 5 minute drive east on Payne Avenue, right turn onto E. 36th and a left onto Perkins.

    Got your e-mail. Don't lose your focus.

  3. SweetT

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    no, i still complete my assignments and don't make major mistakes, etc.

    it's more so of a hostile work environment. management chooses not to make things easier for me because i didn't lie for them when subpoenaed to testify about the derogatory comments made about a former employee, in a protected class, after she was terminated and filed charges. THEY'LL NEVER FORGIVE ME.

    IndianPrincess, do you think there's anyway that that salary range could go higher? or, that they'd negotiate more working from home to make up for the salary loss and less money to pay for transportation? I know--------jobs in social services don't pay much. but as i said, finances are pretty bad right now and a large pay cut is not looking appealing. I did the math and don't know if it'll pay all the bills.

    Don't want you to think that I'm ungrateful at all. I excitedly told my boyfriend and a coworker (though I didn't tell the coworker where and what----I don't tell any of my coworkers all of my business------even if they appear to tell me all of theirs).

    I'm not feeling well at all. I'm only on the computer because one of the offspring needs something off of the net for a homework assignment, and I still have dial-up and don't allow them to know the password.
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    You mentioned that a coworker filed with the EEOC. Since she has then you need to file too. Tell the EEOC that she filed.

    With two of you fileing against the same entity that gives both of you the chance of the EEOC taking your cases seriously.

    Jump on this ASAP. Don't delay this. Working together and supporting each other strengtens your charges.

    Regarding the pay at NEOCH. If you can negotiate, it wouldn't be much. This is a non-profit organization and the pay comes from grants. The government has drastically cut aid to the agencies that advocate.

    You need to do your homework about the organization as a whole.

    E-mail me and let me know what's up!


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