Are These Really SX of Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moonchild1970, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. moonchild1970

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    smelling odd odours
    tasting odd taste
    bad balance- espec when tired- I use a cane.
    weak muscles
    eye pain and probs with sight
    muscle cramps
    memory loss
    sudden alzhiemer moments(I don't know where I am even though I am in my own neighborhood!!)and then in a minute or two it's gone
    slurring words
    staggering around
    cognitive probs-can't remember words people, names or recent events-
    awful short term memory
    hot baths make me extremely weak

    The MS specialist says he thinks it is still the fibro that or beginning of ms along with it...I was dx with Fibro back in '97.

    I'd just like to know tired of waiting for something to show up on a test.
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  2. dragon06

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    heard most of those in relation to Fibro. There is a good list on this website

  3. jbennett2

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    These are FM symptoms, and some of them are Lyme symptoms also - especially the taste and smell ones.
    Ask your doc for a Western Blot test from Igenex or Bowen labs.
  4. violann

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    May I respectfully disagree with you just slightly? I have a long goofy list of neurological seeming disorders, but I have found that luckily, if I actually get an extended period of good sleeps, like a month or 2 of sleeping well, that my symptoms get much much better. I am very grateful that this is so. I have also found that about 10-15 minutes of relaxed but upbeat walking in the middle of the day helps me sleep better at night (also combined with the numerous sleep meds I take). Hope this helps a little.
  5. musikmaker

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    Yes, these are all symptoms that I have been experiencing for the past 2 years. I do agree that the more rest I get the better I function. I also heard the comments from my Doc that it could be the beginnings of MS but believe its still fibro.
  6. moonchild1970

    moonchild1970 New Member

    How did you get on disabiility without a firm dx? and with just fibro. Dr's out here in WA tell me that they don't believe in fibro(I was dx in 97 in NE) though the one DR I am being sent to does.

    Well fine if they don't believe in it- then tell me what I DO have!!!

    PS I am in the middle of my first appeal for SSD.[This Message was Edited on 04/20/2006]