are these symptoms of lyme disease

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well since my new quest is Lyme disease was wondering about personal experience with the disease. I am getting the Western Blot testing done this week and am being tested for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Bartonella, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis.

    Was wondering about the following symtoms.

    1. Do you have muscle twitching?

    2. Do you get muscle spasms?

    3. Do you have tingling in your nose, feet or hands?

    4. Do you feel worse in the morning and a little better in the afternoon?

    5. Does this cycle of Lyme happen even when you are not on treatment? Do you crash at the end of a four week cycle?

    6. Do you have yeast problems?

    7. Do you have any buzzing like in your legs?

    8. Are your legs very the point it is hard to walk well at times?

    9. Are there days you could ski or do some sort of activity and others when you can not do a thing?

    10. Do, you get any electrical shocks in your legs if you tap the side of your ankle?

    11. Are you dizzy pretty much all the time?

    12. Does a poor nights sleep make you feel totally wrote off?

    13. Does caffein make you feel really shaky?

    14. Do you feel hung over in the morning?

    15. Do your symptoms come and go without knowing why?

    16. Does heat seem to help a hot bath or the sun?

    Thanks for reading my post.....just looking to see who has similar symptoms!!!



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    A definite yes to all of your questions. I do not know if it is lyme though. I have been tested before and it came back sort of positive , but not positive enough. So now I am looking for a lyme specialist myself. I did however test for ehrlichia so there is a strong possibility for co infection. Good luck with your test.
  3. MamaR

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    I have all of these except #16............I guess that I need to be tested for this!
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    I do have lyme disease and yes to all except 9, 10, and 13. A very good book to read about lyme is "Everything you need to know about lyme disease" by Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner.I hope you get a correct diagnosis soon, not that I would wish lyme disease on anyone, but if you have it you need to know so you can begin treatment.
    Good luck!
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    I don't have 5,7 and 13. I was diagnosed with FMS. I don't know if I have Lyme's disease; guess I should get tested.
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    I have all of the above except caffeine sensitivity.

    BEWARE -- a negative or inconclusive test result DOES NOT mean you don't have it -- just that you are not producing enough antibodies to show up in the test (this is common in late stage lyme). You really have to have the testing done through a good lab, too --- I could go on and on about this-- I'm becoming a walking lyme encyclopedia!

    Lyme has become my new quest too -- I did find a doc who was willing to order the Igenex tests "just to humor me" -- despite the fact that I was bitten by a tick in an endemic area, and did have a circular rash (just not at the bite site), and my symptoms fit perfectly --but he knows next to nothing about the disease -- I'm on a quest right now to find a lyme literate doc in my area who is taking patients -- most of them are so full they aren't taking new folks.
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