Are we really more prone to cancer? Anyone already dx?

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    Hey everyone,
    I just this week had reports of 2 family members with cancer diagnosed. Have been reading on cancer sites and alot of information about nutrition as prevention. I'd already started diet changes months ago to help combat the fatigue, probable yeast, and to allow better nutrition and supplements to be absorbed. Several times I have read in posts about higher incidence of cancer in CFS and FMS patients. I see Mikie posted a reply today about this. But when I read an article just the other day posted in our library, writted by Dr. Lapp?, he says that is not true. It makes sense that if our immune systems are shot, our nutrition absorption is poor, our bacterial, fungal, and viral attacks are almost unlimited, and we cannot get the excercise and oxygen to our body like others----well, I would think we would be more predisposed to LOTS of illness and disease, strokes, heart conditions, etc. But cancer??? If doctors and researchers are sending out conflicting reports, how does OUR doctor know how to screen early cancer? And WILL they? I wonder if we alone can look to each other. Are any of you dx with certain cancers we should be looking for or have other/past family members that most probably had FMS or CFS that ultimately got cancer? I hope you are willing to share because, YES, this is scary. Thanks alot, Eileen
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    I have had FM since March/95. A few weeks before xmas I had an ultra sound done and it came back pancreatic cancer. In Canada, of course, I have to wait 3 months for a cat scan and I am on the urgent need one now list.
    Pancreatic cancer has a 15% survivor outcome. Yes, 15%. I read up about it in a popular MD site. The problem is that when someone has pain because of it or it shows up in the blood stream, it's too late. Hence 15%.
    I hadn't seen my specialist for 9-10 weeks, due to my problem and then his, anyway I waited a long time past when I normally see him. Well, he couldn't believe it. He said since he last seen me I lost about 25 lbs. That started the ultra sound, then the diagnosis.
    I honestly don't feel any different but it's scary that I could have been one of the diagnosed thru pain and/or blood test being told it's too late.
    I don't know if there is any connection with FM and a lot of my relatives seen to have cancer of different locations.
    Well, that's it cuz I don't like thinking about it. I am sure you understand............basket21
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    I have read this in several places and can't remember exactly, but it seems that there are three or four cancers which are more prevalent in people with CFS/FMS than in the population at large. One of them is non-Hodgkins lymphoma. One of my clients has FMS and lymphoma.

    It's for sure that if one is going to take the human growth hormone injections that the docs will test for every kind of cancer for which there is a test.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have had to have a precancerous lesion removed from my cervix and precancerous polyps removed from my colon. I don't believe that either of these types of cancer were ones I read are more prevalent in us, so I hadn't thought about it til just now. Is there a connection? I don't know. Both were caught in time. I have not had another abnormal pap and that was about 7 or 8 years ago. I will be sure to keep up my colonoscopies every two years.

    Love, Mikie
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    and everyone else. I had rectal cancer 7 years ago and went thru cehmo, radiation and surgery. Before that I had a thryoid goiter removed at 15, then Graves diease at 25 and than the radioactive iodine. I had several hospitalzations with bronichitis, tonsils removed at 35, horrible thing to do at that age but I was told they were rotting out of my throat from strep that would not go away. I was fianlly dx with fibro & RA 6 months ago but have suffered the fatigue, mind thing for over 3 years. Both my grandparents on my mother's side died of lung and liver cancer. There is a lot of cancer my fathers side too. My mother, daugter and grandfather are diabetics.

    I do not know how it all ties together, sometimes it is the chicken and the egg question. My rheumy couldn't tell me if my fibro caused my medical problems or my problems caused my fibro. I do know tht after I went thru my cancer, I never got back to 100 %. I went thru a very strssfull time a year ago and am now waiting to see if i get my SSDI.

    At 47 I have been dx with, fibro, RA, osteo, DJD, congential spinal stenosis, hypothyroidism, asthma, depression, IBS, insomnia,chronic fatigue, high blood pressure and paresthisia, (numbness of hand) but "no nerve damage" per EMG. I am also waiting to have a biopsy on 2/4 on my right breast for something found in my mammogram. I am hoping for the best because I know I probably couldn't go thru chemo again. I am sorry to ramble on but I have been thru too much in my short life. Thanks for reading and prayers to all for good health.
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    If there are four types of cancer we (CFIDSers and FMSers) are more likely to get than others, I think it should be in all our interest to know which four types they are, so that we can watch out for them.
    So, lymphoma is one; thanks Mikie for telling us. Does anyone remember the other three, or how / where one could find out? Also, what the scientific basis for that claim was? Surely you all also must want to know that.
    best regards,
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    I was diagnosed with CFS in Jan.'93. In May '93 my doctor was palpating (is that the word?) my abdomen because I was having so much pain there and he noticed a mole that he was sure had not been there before. I had noticed it too but was ignoring it because of all the tests my doc was sending me for to rule out other diseases. I didn't want to see any more doctors! He insisted I have it removed by a dermatologist because he "didn't like the look of it".

    Long story short, it was malignant melanoma that had not had time to spread anywhere else thanks to my ever-vigilant doctor. The dermatologist told me that he literally saved my life.

    I don't know if it was a coincidence coming right after I came down with CFS. The good news is that it was caught in time. I think we have to be even more watchful than the average patient.


  8. sb439

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    I read in one - sad - CFS study that one (of 25 or so) patients didn't complete the study because she died of melanoma. So perhaps this is another of the four?
    I'm so glad your doctor caught yours in time, Pepper.
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    I was diagnosed with a renal mass, in May of this year, thankfully, by happenstance, as I was passing a kidney stone and they wanted to see where the stone was lodged.

    The mass on my kidney has been screened with ultrasound, catscan, and MRI. The determination was made to watch it with repeat imaging every 4-6 months.

    Renal Carcinoma does not respond to chemotherapy, so the treatment is a nephrectomy (removal of kidney).

    They rate these masses on a scale called the Bozniak scale from 1-4. My mass is currently 2.5 cm., irregularly shaped, with a blood supply to it. It has a septum, and calcification around the outer perimeter. Therefore it has been rated Bozniak 2.

    It will be moved to a 3 on the scale, after an increase of .5cm, and more calcification. From the research I have done, the average growth, is at a rate of .5 cm. per year. When it reaches 3.0 cm. removal of the kidney is necessary, as they are usually cancerous.

    It is truly a blessing that they happened upon this. Most people in the past with renal masses, presented when the mass had gotten big enough to affect kidney function, etc. and by then it was too late. I count my blessings.

    My mother died of complications of chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer, she had a pulmonary embolism, at age 48.
    My grandmother also died from lung cancer, and a paternal uncle from lymphoma.

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    Oh no, basket. Why are they making you wait 3 months for a scan?
    Do they do pancreas transplants?
    Now I really feel bad. Geeze. Please keep in touch here?
    You will be in my prayers.

  11. Kalli

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    but pre cancer of cervix and vagina.
  12. Lanie

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    I am so sorry for your unfortunate news. I cannot believe you had to wait so long for a scan. That is horrible. We had that scare over the Fall, my mom has Chronic Pancreatitis and was undergoing numerous testing with an incompetent doctor. He said she had cancer and then said we misunderstood. Still don't know what is really going on...found her a new doctor though but she doesn't get in until March 31st. Horrible.

    I will ask the same as the other poster...will they do a pancreas transplant? I know it is rare but doable. Also, there is something called pancreatectomy w/ auto islet cell transplant.

    I wish you all the best. A positive outlook and faith are amazing tools. My best friend had lymphatic cancer about 9 yr ago now and had an amazing faith and hope and she made it thru and has been cancer free for a long time. Turn to your faith, it does work miracles.
    Best wishes,
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    I don't know where you live in Canada, but would like to make a suggestion. There are many fine, cancer hospitals in the northern states in the US. If in the same boat as you, I would make a trip to the US if possible, to Mayo Clinic, or elsewhere. I would present in the Emergency Room with intense pain in the area of the pancreas. I would tell them of the weight loss. They would do labs, and immediately wisk you away to ultrasound, catscan, and MRI. If necessary to get immediate treatment, I would claim I was indigent, and give them a name of a shelter I was staying.

    I was told after becoming ill, on a vacation in May, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and being admitted to the Emergency Room that I had a renal (kidney) mass. I was told to have it checked immediately upon returning home. The ER doctor in New Orleans even phoned me...within a week to make sure I had made an appointment.
    The first appointment I could get upon returning was in 6 months. I felt that was much too long to wait. Upon presenting at the ER, I was ultrasounded, catscanned, and had an MRI. I had a Doctors appointment within a week.

    Best wishes,
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    My mother had endometrial cancer (not endometriosis, cancer along the uterine lining---I was confused about that at first)I assumed that meant she had had endo first, but she didn't (I was 17 at the time) anyways, she has fibro, diabetes, and diverticulitis. Her sister, is having a biopsy on her breast this Thursday. She has fibro, RA, and emphysema. They are my family's only history of cancer, as far as I know. It ran on my dad's side, but, until my mother's cancer, no one else had had it on her side. We will know by thursday whether or not my aunt has breast cancer. I have had cysts on my ovaries for years, despite being on birth control. The doctors don't do much, I had surgery, and the gynecologist said my ovaries were "enlarged" but he could not find the cyst----after monitoring it for EIGHT months on ultrasound, with absolutely no changes in it's size! I fired him right after that follow up appt---his only suggestion after scratching his head, apologizing, recommending I go somewhere else, was to go on Lupron for 3-6 months----------I don't THINK so!
    Anyways. I have a 23 y.o. cousin who just had surgery, she was FULL of endometriosis, so much that, the doctor was only able to remove 80% of it. She has diabetes, and he's told her her "ovaries are shutting down." She has fibro.
    I do believe maybe that cancer of the reproductive organs may be more common in fibro/CFS. Especially since we know now that endometriosis is more common; and is now linked with auto-immune disease......................

    It just plain ole' "Sucks-to-be-Us!" Our bodies are just MAGNETS for illnesses. It's like we can't "just" have fibro, or CFS.....does anyone know anybody who does have only fibro or CFS (not that that would not be enough to have!) I just don't know anyone who doesn't have a whole LIST of problems since being diagnosed. I have sooooo many diagnosis come about in the last 2 years since getting sick, when before, I had only my genetic disease, called Malignant Hyperthermia. Now it's as if none of my systems function properly. (i.e. malfunctioning pancreas, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, ovarian cysts with abnormal bleeding etc etc)


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