Are You as Sick as Me? and if Much Better Why

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    I had a total CFIDS relapse 4 years ago and despite trying the standard Dr.Lapp/Chenny protocals have gone steadily down hill to the point that I am crashed in bed about five days per week.Occasionally I can drive for up to an hour but mostly walking to the mailbox is about it.My worst problem is fast rises in body temperature that make my fuzzy head totally out and eyes burning within mins.of driving or being in the sun.[Temp hits 101.8 quickly] Am on 25mg Nortpiptylene,100mg Zoloft,3mg clonazepam,and b/p meds plus CFIDS eNERGY,ANTI-OXIDENTS,MULTIS ETC.I first contracted CFIDS in 1977.Thanks to an understanding boss I PRETTY MUCH RECOVERED IN 6 MOS.tHE ONLY THING DIFFERENT IS THAT BRIGHT SUN OR BEACH GLARE WOULD SEND MY TEMP AND MIND CRAZY WITHIN 30MINS. As I was diagnosed essentially nuts at the time I was put on Prozac-no other drugs.A 2 yr relapse in 1982-84 added Nortriptylene-25 mg but nothing else.Any similar/different suggestions would be appreciated.As I JUST TURNED 60 I am considered older than dirt and near 6ft under by most.[Sorry for CAP/small switches!]
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    Hi, welcome to our world! Sorry you are feeling so bad.

    I have FM, not CFS but do have some of the cross over symptoms.

    You will find a lot of help here, lots of informed people, and supportive too.

    Older than dirt?? I doubt that! Most of us just feel that way sometimes.

    I can't handle the sun or bright lights either, I wear sunglasses in stores like Wal-Mart or I have some kind of crazy fit! Can't handle heat also.

    HOpe you get some answers here, we do have many members who suffer from CFS as well as the FM.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl