are you better after Lyme Treatment? Pain reversible?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Kimba4318, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

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    i was also wondering if people are getting better after going through the 1 year or so treatment for Lyme? Does this pain go away or is the damage done already? I cannot live like this and only hope there will be a chance to get my life back even though the treatment sounds painful in itself, but atleast I may know there is light at the end of the tunnel.... or I can only hope.
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    I just had to reply. I am only in to my third week of treatment for Lyme, but I too am wondering the same thing. I have been herxing on my abx and having a lot more pain, which I did not think was possible.

    I just wanted to say that I understand how you feel and I think we all are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. but I believe .....I will get well. My Lyme doctor is very positive and says I have to be strong.

    Keep thinking that this "too shall pass" and you will be on your way to getting better.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

    Have you started treatment yet? Seen a Lyme doctor?

    Love Mindy
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    from what others say... it can happen fairly rpaidly or take a long time, depending on co-infections or length of time you've had it.

    My son, on oral abx for past 13 months now, says some, altho not much, of his pain has diminished. I think his case is really either complicated because of co-infections or cuz he's had it a really long time or both - hard to know - but he is responding quite slowly.

    The worst part is he feels the cognitive part has really improved the least. The only way we can tell anything is working positively, besides herxes, is that his week off of abx every 3-4 weeks, he does feel he has a bit more energy and a tiny bit more clearheaded (altho I cannot tell, based on his ability to retain information).

    all the best,

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    oh - i was sooo hoping for my brain back.... I have not started treatment yet - I want my primary doc to do so prior to me seeing the specialist since that won't be for 2 weeks. Don't know what he will do, waiting for a call back.... hopefully he will fit me in since he knows I am suffering... hope he cares.
    Thanks for the advice & support!
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    I can say with no doubt my brain works better once I started working with ABX....It takes awhile to penetrate the CNS but eventually you will tell a difference.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    and started out at 50 mg daily . After a couple of weeks, I was able to raise the doxy to 100 . I have been at 200 for two weeks. There was NO way I could have stood the high doses and dieoff that many others begin with. Even at 100 mg , I had many days of feeling like crying and feeling hopeless . I was soooooo sick. I felt poisoned
    and sick as a dog.

    In the past week, I am FINALLY not as miserable and overwhelmed . I am so far from being well, but I am out of Hell for the time being .

    I personally question the aggressive approach w/ high doses of ABX . I know I could not have withstood the reaction from the toxins and herx . Even the lower doses made me unbelievably sick. I also question how healthy it is to bombard your system w/ large amounts of toxins. I felt like I was getting secondary infections from the toxin trash - sore chest & earaches .

    The treatment is finally becoming more tolerable and
    my spirits are much better . I have a long way to go but
    it is not seeming as bad .

    Taking amino acids has helped with my low spirits .
    This treatment is honestly like torture in the beginning .
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    I've been doing aggressive abx (injections and orals, no IV) lyme treatment for 5 months, and just started treament for babesiosis, as well.

    Oh, I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much better I feel!!!!!!!!!

    The first few weeks were horrible -- my symptoms got a lot worse before they got better -- but now, I have entire days where I can go without any pain relief at all!!! Before, I was taking Vicodin daily, and even then, I could barely function and was walking with a cane.

    I feel like a human being again --- I can go out with friends and socialize and actually enjoy it. I still have flares that come and go, but they are really mild by comparison. I get a new flare generally when I add a new antibiotic to the mix... that is normal. (I have had two herxheimer reactions so far that put me in bed for days -- one with full-blown meningitis -- but they were temporary)

    SO, I can say from experience that people can and DO feel better with treatment. BTW, I have had Lyme since at least 1988, and more likely since birth -- so I am definitely late-stage lyme.

  8. happygranny

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    Please tell me what meds you are taking for Babesiosis.

    My doctor wants me to start taking Mepron as it is not has hard on the body/system as the other drug available (can't remember the name now).

    I awaiting response from my insurers as to whether or not they will cover it.

  9. minimonkey

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    Hi Happygranny

    I answered you on another post, but for babs I am taking

    Ketek (also for lyme)

    Hope that helps