Are you finding this winter difficult where you live?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Alyssa-Admin, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was just curious if a lot of you find the winter months the most difficult, particularly if you live somewhere that gets really cold...and has loads of the white stuff!

    Have you ever considered moving somewhere else to get relief? (For me, every holiday I have been on, I have been in a flare up - probably between the travel and the heat).

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Alyssa

    Winters used to be difficult. And they lasted forever. Well, it seemed that way. But over
    40 years ago I moved to California. No harsh winters here. But we do have other

    I tell the folks back home that California has much nicer weather. On the other
    hand, Minnesota has much nicer people.

    Rock :cool: (It's 75 in LA today. No wind and no precip.)
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  3. Willow77

    Willow77 Active Member

    I used to live in Michigan and the summers were so short and rainy.
    The winters long, dark, dreary and cold. Unless you had a sport
    that you liked to do outside during winter it was boring. If you are
    healthy in that state there is a lot to do sport wise. The state motto is:
    "Winter, water wonderland." and it is. The great lakes are spectacular
    and so are the dunes. But the mosquitoes in the summer could carry you away.

    After moving to Northern California over 30 years ago the summers were great, no mosquitoes
    in summer and only a few in the fall, and most of the winter except for December and January
    when it can go below freezing at night, it is really pleasant. (I crank the heat up to 78 in the winter
    or I will have severe pain in my lower legs and feet.)

    This winter however because of the drought
    we are not getting our normal rain and it is not as cold. It is normally in the 50's
    during the day but we had a few days this week at 70. We get foggy, smoggy skies
    and can sometimes go for weeks without seeing the sun from late December
    until February and that has been the case this year. With February we usually get
    sun, perfect temperatures and the beginning of the allergy season with
    the ornamental trees starting to flower. Oh well, you can't have everything.

    My trees are so confused that they are putting out buds early. The apple
    trees put out 2 crops of apples last year and were dormant for only a month
    and are now putting out more buds. I was eating fresh apples at Christmas.

    I found people the same in Michigan as California. (With the exception
    of when I lived in Detroit, I was in the middle of the ghetto and
    it was a very unfriendly place.) Smaller towns seem like friendlier places. Larger
    towns seem cold and uncaring.
    Now I only get out when going to church, shopping or Dr. And I don't go to church very
    often. It is so hard to tell when I am on the verge of exhaustion and need
    to lay around and rest or just a little tired and pushing myself would be ok.
    If I push myself in an exhausted state it can take 3 days or more of rest
    before I can stand up without feeling woozy and nauseated.
    If anyone has tips on how to tell the difference I would like to hear them.
    I would like to be able to attend church on a more regular basis.
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  4. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Our roomie was living in LA the music biz. He loved it. I am not sure if I could handle the hot and humid summers thought tbh! Heck, Ontario got hot and humid and then had the horrible blizzards in the winter.

    Bottom line is Old Blighty is a darn damp island. And it affects so many of us! And it is gray...So, I have my SAD lamp on in the mornings.

    There has just got to be a place where the climate is perfect, it is cheap, people are lovely, food is plentiful, water clean and healthcare good.

    Let me know if you know of such a place Rock...
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I think there is a place that might be close to ideal, Alyssa, but the only way to get
    there is via tornado. Even then you might run into an ornery witch. Remember
    when Judy died: 6-22-69. Someone wrote, "Today in Kansas a tornado
    touched down."

    I think the best place I ever lived was Ventura, Ca. Right on the ocean. Had
    a college. Population 50,000. (It has since doubled.) Small enough you
    didn't have to worry about traffic jams or a lot of crime. Big enough that
    you could pretty much find whatever you wanted without going out
    of town. That was back in the 60s. Rented a duplex for $150 a month;
    half a block from the beach. The landlord had recently retired. He dropped
    by the place every month or two. Was hoping we needed some repairs so
    he'd have something to do.

    I got "Without Feathers" at the library. Woody packed more outrageous, funny,
    incongruous remarks into the first chapter than could be found in a bookcase
    full of ordinary books. I'm reading the chapter titled "The Whore of Mensa".
    I went to a few Mensa meetings. Never met a chick like that. Anyhoo, thanks
    for the recommendation.


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  6. kswebb

    kswebb Member

    You have heard of the frozen tundra? Well I live in Wisconsin and often we call it that! Winters are hard on me, but I do love having 4 seasons - even though the longest is Winter. My dream is to move to Nashville, TN. For a lot of reasons.......and my husband and I discuss it as our "retirement" destination.

    A little background on me.........I was on this site many, many years ago. Diagnosed back then with Fibro, but in 2012 I got very, very ill and went through months of MRI's, spinal taps, etc. End diagnosis is MS. Currently holding my own without any of the heavy duty MS medications. Doing lots of "alternative" treatments which are not helping towards our retirement fund as NONE of them are covered by insurance. And my one Dr. who has helped me with this (an M.D. but Integrative) will not be accepting any insurance as of 4/1/15. So every office visit will be out of pocket. My labwork, etc will still be covered. Thank goodness as we do those every 3 months. I do still work full-time as an Office Manager - however, my employer has allowed me to work from home 2-3 days a week. I have been blessed many ways on this journey! Since I get to be home now more often - we got CoCo Bean (my profile pic) in 2013. We rescued her from a shelter but I tell everyone - she has saved me!!!

    Hope to pop in here more often if you guys don't mind!


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  7. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Just wait...I have the solution for you! :) Well, kind of. ProHealth will be launching an app so you can start keeping track of everything from sleep to meds, fatigue to mood, journal etc. (I know this, because my husband is the developer). This app is a new version of one that we launched 2 years ago for fibro and CFS....and what we found with our beta testers (me included), is that we all have patterns. And once you start to know your patterns - and what you can and can't do...or more to the point - what you choose to do - and how long the recovery time will be afterwards can help hugely.

    For me, a flare usually doesn't set in after an activity where I have overdone it (which could literally be sitting in the car for two hours and getting jostled about) for up to 72hrs later! Do you remember what you were doing 3 days ago????!!!!

    So, now, I pick and choose what I do a lot more carefully. I refuse to let this illness take over my life! But I also make sure that if I do decide to do something that my calendar is clear for the next week...because I will need that time to recover.

    I take it that you have had all the proper investigations in regards to inner ear issues and vertigo?

    May I ask, is there nobody from church who could pick you up and drop you off? Or is it just being there - sitting, standing etc...Maybe you decide to do it once or twice a month. Obviously, it is important to you - and it is also community and getting out of the house - all of which are very important.
  8. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Awww CoCo Bean....So cute. I would so love to live near the ocean again. When I was living in Victoria, BC, my apartment was a block away from the Juan de Fuca Strait...with a wonderful promenade that went for miles along it. i used to love walking it first thing in the morning before work, and at night as well. KS Webb I think from the research that I have been doing is that there possibly are quite a few people who have been misdiagnosed with fibro when it really was MS.

    I do voluntary work for the LDN Research Trust. The Chair, Linda Elsegood has MS...and she was at the stage where she was completely bed bound, incontinent, unable to chew, loss of use of her whole left side...the list goes on. And then she found LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). Which I believe is around $25 a month in the States. Because of my voluntary work, I have had the opportunity to read through and watch many people who have been interviewed doesn't just treat MS - but 174 different auto immune conditions.

    Just thought I would mention this...some people know about it and others don't...but it has certainly helped a lot of people...there are many interviews on Vimeo....but if you get a chance have a look at their website

    The (sad but true) reason many people have not heard about it is because it is cheap, it works (for many) and it is unpatented.

    Bottom line. Pharmaceutical companies don't want you finding out about it!

    Just wanted to mention this, as if you haven't already looked into it, it might be of interest...

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Where are you in Wisconsin? I lived there one summer (1960); in Stoughton.
    I think it was 20 miles from Madison. Went to the U there. I was very
    impressed with the school. A campus that included wild animals (rabbits,
    chipmunks, birds) and a wonderful student union and a drama dept. that
    put on professional looking productions. I once dated a very sweet girl
    from Menomonie, WI. She taught me how to neck. (I wonder if kids still
    use that term. Kinda doubt it.)

    Now I live in sunny California. Just started reading a thriller by John
    Stanford. I think all of his books are set in Minnesota (my home state).
    The current setting is Northern MN which is so much colder than Southern
    MN that it's like being in another country. (I lived there for a while too.)

    I'm glad you told us the picture was of Coco Bean. I thought it was a person
    who was obscured by the dim lighting.

    Does "Kelly" mean you're Irish? Me great, great, great grandfather come
    from the Old Sod. Or perhaps you are related to Gene Kelly. My mother
    made me take tap dancing lessons. A giraffe could have done as well.

    Come back and visit whenever you feel up to it.

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  10. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Hi everyone! Rock, I am so envious of you in California! I am desperate to move...just where. For the past year I have been very interested in Holland...but now, I am not so sure. I just want to live in a land that is peaceful and stay out of military action. Holland doesn't get involved in military action...but taxes are sky high. On the flip side, everywhere is spotlessly clean, efficient, flowers everywhere, you can get medical cannabis and are even allowed to grow up to 5 plants as well. They also seem to have a much better work, life balance...

    Just back from my crafts class - for people with pain. Made a nice card for someone.

    Hmmm....A beautiful day out there...thinking of taking HRH Kappachino Inyanga out in his stroller for his walk (the cat). He loves it. He also has a fan club at the butchers, bakers, chemists and two corner stores. Might just do that. The sun don't shine much might as well be out in it when I can be!

  11. kswebb

    kswebb Member

    Rock ~ thanks for the nice message............:) I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is in Southeastern Wisconsin. I guess I am a small part sibs and I all have Irish names: Shawn, Rory, Erin and me Kelly! My Father liked Irish fact I was supposed to be named Megan, but he decided he liked Kelly better at the last minute and that is what I became. Funny thing is he was an absentee Father almost my entire life and never really called me anything. He is passed on now - last time I saw him I was 11 and I am now 47.

    Just got back from a Yoga class. Today is a "work from home" day so if my schedule allows I cut out for Yoga, acupuncture or something on my home days. I figure it is my "lunch" break. I hadn't been to a Yoga class since November - so I am feeling it today. I need to keep up with it consistently. Yoga is very difficult for me but I do the best I can and feel it does help me keep moving.

    Well I better try to "work" now that I am back home. I do payroll and need to prepare it for next week.

    Thanks again for the replies! I feel welcomed!!!
  12. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    That's so nice you feel welcomed! Yay! I've just started doing yogalates.... From home. Being hyper mobile and this doesn't mix all that well! You over extend before you realise you've caused yourself a mischief... Funny you don't realise how well things ARE working in your body... Til they don't.

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