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  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    "Well hello" everyone!

    I just got back from my latest Dr appt...and what an interesting appt it was!

    My Dr is doing a lot of research on the connection between people with chronic pain and electricity! ..."YEP"..ELECTRICITY!

    He is working on publishing a booklet on this even!

    So far the information goes like this:.....people with constant high pain levels...have nerve endings that are damaged....because the nerve endings are damaged....they cannot release the electricity properly from the body!!!,.... they are inside of....whereas a "normal non pain person" does not have damaged nerve endings....are able to release normally....." electricity "!

    Meaning all of us with pain....are actually just "full of electricity"!!!!!!!!!

    So, the next time someone tells you that you are full of carp.....make it clear to them that it is "electricity" that you are full of and not carp!LOL

    Seriously.....this is true according to his findings......

    What can we do to help eliminate this built up electricity, walk around outside barefoot for at least 2 minutes....take an epsom salt bath for at least 15 minutes, rub magnets over your body especially pain sites...and also do the same with anything that is made from brass ( rub it over your body especially the pain areas)

    May sound kind of crazy but for those of us who have constant pain,..what have we got to lose? It does not cost anything to rub copper or magnets over your body! ( except if you have to purchase magnets or something brass ).

    My Dr swears that all of us with this nasty dd....need to be doing "EVERYTHING" we can to help ourselves....whatever that may mean for each individual...we just need to keep trying, everything and different things!

    Every person is so different...something all of us here are well aware of...which results in the fact that what works for one may not work for another!

    But....keep trying for our own sakes!

    He also said that I may just have to fight this dd for the rest of my life......just as many of you may have to.....but by TRYING different things....what if it results in that one or two or three things that DOES help us!

    I also brought home with me a brand spanking new tens unit.....and I have to admit that Iam SHOCKED at how well that little thing has already helped my painful areas!!!!! It is something I definately want to share with all of you so that you may try it if you possibly can!

    It was almost 400.00 but the co that makes it is doing everything to get my ins to pay for it as many do cover them! I have an HMO so Iam not holding my breath that my ins will cover it...but since it has already proved to me to have helped me so much, I will probably go on a payment plan( costing me only $22.00 a month) the co offers, so I can keep mine should the ins co refuse!( not that 22.00 is not a lot of money to most of us..but the benefit this has provided me already it is well worth the 2.oo to me!:)

    Honestly if you want more info on the co that I got mine from just ask me and I will be happy to share it with you!

    So....I just wanted to share the information I just absorbed....I found it intriging and helpful myself....Iam hoping it will be of value to you all.....and that if you have the time you google or do some research on what I have talked about here and let me know what you find................

    I personally feel that this was one of the most productive Dr visits I may have ever had .......

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  2. EttaUK

    EttaUK New Member

    I found this really interesting because something I have had for years is frequent static or electric shocks off all sorts of things like bedding, clothes etc.

    I never thought it might be linked to the pain! Thanks for sharing. Let us know if you hear any more about how this research goes.
  3. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    That was very interesting, Doxy!

    I'm glad you found some pain relief!

    I've been reading some stuff about how people with neurotoxin poisoning have unusually high conductivity of their skin. They tend to get shocks easily. Also, they have trouble wearing watches, because the watches often stop or get messed up otherwise.

    I haven't been able to wear watches for years. I should try wearing one again now that I am avoiding toxic mold and detoxing the mold poison.

    I think the reason Dr. Shoemaker gave was that we tend to have low levels of anti-diuretic hormone and get more salt than we should have on our skin, which makes it a good conductor of electricity. I'd be interested in reading your doctor's book when it comes out!


    I'm off to rub some brass on me.
  4. gws

    gws New Member

    again, it is so good that you are back with us!

    I have tried the magnets and brass, they do seem to help,

    today I will walk around my yard barefoot,
    even though New York state
    is cold today.

    tens can be a God-send also,

    I, for one always have known I was full of something!
    I'm electric...lol
    love ya
    ps.im happy for your new baking business...much success
  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    For years I've lit up like a Christmas tree from things that really shouldn't "light my fire".

    In the grocery store with its metal shelves I walk gingerly through, a look of dread on my face when I reach for something, waiting for the ZAP. Others there are uneffected as far as I can tell. I must be a wonderful sight!

    I'll take my shoes off more often and see if it helps.


  6. 3gs

    3gs New Member






  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    It doesn't seem too far fetched to me. I can recall when I was a very small child and the fad one year if the older of you remember were those soft nylon fuzzy coats that came in pastels and white. I wanted one so bad, we went to the store and I tried one on, I remembered I was screaming because I was getting shocked while slipping my arms in the sleeves. It was worse when I took it off as there were actually sparks flying off me.

    I've been this way most of my life and worse now that I am older. I get this all summer when most people don't and winter is worse.

    I dread touching anything metal or walking on carpets. The new carpets are not as bad as one kind. Now I have found that before I reach for it with my hand I touch the car or shelves with my elbow. For some reason I don't get shocked then.
  8. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i wonder if thats why some of us have that vibrating electric feeling in our bodies sometimes, i thought i was the only one till i read it on here. it usually runs down my legs but i have felt it in my chest too, didnt bother to tell doc about it. how ya gonna explain that symptom!. but after reading your post it makes sense. they need to make a full body tens unit for us!! lol. but keep us posted on it, ill try anything at this point. did oyu have to ask your doc for one?? or did he recomend it??
  9. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    That's what I was going to post. Esp. waking up in the morning, I can feel it. At wal-mart, I get zapped by the carts.

    We do run on electricity. We really may have a disconnection or something.
  10. Olderbutwiser

    Olderbutwiser New Member

    I have also had this problem all my life and have learned some tricks. When opening the car door I have to run my hand across it a bit before trying to unlock it or the moment I put that key in, ZAP!!

    I try to get my day started off right by kissing my hubby and watching the blue spark jump from our noses. It gets him every time yet he still goes along with it. Some days I just feel as if I'm shaking from it but it has been so long a part of me that I no longer question it.

    Thanks for the interesting post Doxy.

  11. Lillie17

    Lillie17 New Member

    First I loved your line that you were"shocked" at how well your tens unit worked.

    I'm going to try the magnets and brass for sure.

    I've had bizarre experiences with watches and electrical appliances. I've
    made most watches stop and one I made run backwards. I often
    crashed a computer by walking in the room. I've turned off a large
    coffee maker by standing near it, and the weirdest thing was once when
    my husband was vacuuming, I asked him to turn it off and he didn't. I
    was ticked at him, and my raised emotions and corresponding electricity
    turned it off!

    I tell my family I'm a witch. Keeps them on their toes. :)

    I read somewhere where a doctor had a patient that could turn off street
    lights when he walked by them. Now there's a trick!

    Wishing everybody good sparks,

  12. fruthl

    fruthl New Member

    Wal Mart carts are the worst!!!! I thought it was just me! I noticed 2 years ago when I had a hysterectomy because I was wearing lots of jammy/lounge/sweat pants some with nylon, so thats what I thought it was, but it has continued. Most of the time I have to pull my sleeves down or put my purse in the seat and push the cart while touching my purse.

    Doxy, I saw your doc list before--did you have any good ones for nothern Ohio?

  13. becc

    becc New Member

    I've always had a strange relationship with electricity and electrical appliances.

    I have to buy a new computer every 18 months or so (usually less) because they all die on me - they work perfectly for anyone else but won't work at all for me. I end up just giving my old ones to friends or family because they're still perfectly functional for 'normal' people.

    A few Christmases ago, we had lots of relatives staying here and the computer was pretty much in constant use for days on end. It worked perfectly until someone would ask for my help with something - literally the second I touched it, it would die. I lost track of the number of times it happened. I had a lot of work on that computer which I needed to back up before I got a new one - I had to sit on the other side of the room and call out instructions to my brother about what to copy because it would freeze if I got any closer to it.

    But the most bizarre thing happened 7 or 8 years ago. I had a stereo just inside the door to my bedroom and one night I went to turn it on as I walked into my room. When my hand was about 6 inches away from the power button, it turned itself on. I moved my hand back and then went to turn it off - when it was about 6 inches away again, it turned itself off.

    Eventually it started happening every time I walked past it - basically, I couldn't enter my bedroom without the stereo turning itself on and it would kindly turn itself off again when I left the room.

    I made sure as many people as possible saw it happen because I knew nobody would believe me once it stopped. It kept happening for about 3 weeks - didn't work with anyone else and a lot of people tried!

  14. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    I found out years ago during electric storms i actually feal much better!
    I would go outside and risk the lighting strikes by walking around and I would be charged up with something and the pain w2ould go way , way down!

    Isnt that odd!

  15. Atlanta8

    Atlanta8 New Member

    I am so amazed at this topic!! I can't believe what you guys are doing to your appliances! :p

    I have a couple of suggestions - if you have to touch something that you KNOW will shock you (ie when you're out shopping) you could try wearing rubber gloves? That should stop the electricity transferring I think? Or rubber soled shoes may have the same effect.

    I think wood has a similar effect for getting rid of electricity, if I remember from my science lessons!

    You can also get fabrics that deflect electricity/ radiation - People with electrosensitivity use them (an "Electricity Allery" - it seems to be the opposite of your problems though). Perhaps for those who break your computers by sitting near them you could try and get hold of this stuff and drape it over your PC whilst you're using it - I imagine that would help a lot and probably save you a lot of money!

    Here is a link to a UK site that stocks it, just to show you what I mean

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  16. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I must have missed something .. what is a Tens Unit ? please , Foggy this morning, I have read your post over and over , still can't figure out what a Tens unit is .. please advise

    now as far as having to much electricity in our bodys ,, I can agree to that .
    cant even open my care door without getting shocked LOL

  17. upnightowl

    upnightowl New Member

    Great post. I too have had years of this. From stopping watches ( gave up wearing them), to consistently being shocked year round. I have seen several post on magnets. I am very interested in trying this. Where do you get them and do they come in diferent strengths or all the same? How do you know where to put them on your body? I have heard of magnet braclets, but don't know where to get them or if anyone has had good luck with them.

    Would appreciate any input on where to find this as I would really like to get them


  18. sassilady

    sassilady New Member

    i've always been full of alot of static, my hair on my arms is always standing straight up, and my hair on my head.. I hadn't shaved my legs in quite awhile, a couple of weeks ago i kept feeling something tickling my legs nothing was there it was like something crawling, when i realized it was my own hair, i shaved ! lol it was driving me crazy. i get close to a plug in and i can actually see the spark it's nut's,
  19. slovejf33

    slovejf33 New Member

    tens- transcutaneus electrical nerve stimulator-or something along that line. anyways it has to be prescibed in the u.s., but you can find them online starting at 69.00. if you find an out of country site- no script required. it is a great unit, it stimulates your nerves where your wearing the patches for it, and confuses them into not sending pain signals. i also experience relief for about 30 mins after treatment. it feels like a massage, so i wear it all day when i can. ask your doc about it, if you get a script go online and look at different models. good luck
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  20. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I've had shocks and sparks from so many things over the years, especially since my FM was diagnosed. We had a stove once that constantly zapped me and no one else. I got some really good jolts from that.

    Shopping carts, some of them, will give me alwful shocks in my hands and arms. I've had people stare at me because the sound is so loud when it zaps me.

    Now I have a reason for this.

    Thanks for the great feedback.


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