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  1. fivesue

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    We are leaving on Wednesday afternoon for Aptos, CA, to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, my siblings and their spouses and children. We will be returning late Sunday afternoon.

    Our trip will take approximately 7 hours, but as it's a very busy travel time and we have to go through San Francisco and other Bay Area towns, it may take longer. It will be worth it, however, as this will be my father's last Thanksgiving. He is now receiving Hospice care, and his time left on this earth is short, we don't know, but short.

    So, my prayers for safety to all of you traveling or having family and friends come from other areas to your house. Please take care, have a peaceful holiday, and take care of yourselves so we all don't appear back here in major flares after our "holiday" celebration! (-:

    Love to each,

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    and don't let yourself get too tired out.

    The furthest I'm going is to my in-law's about a quarter mile down the road. My daughter, hubby and grandson will be staying with us until Sunday. Can't wait. I love the company, even if it does tire me out!
  3. fivesue

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    I envy you staying home, ladies! It would be so nice to just stay put for a few days, but that's not in the cards for a couple years for us...with my dad's illness and Jim's mom, who is almost 92, we have parents to visit and love for a just a short time. My mother is young, relatively; I'm 58 and she's just 77, turning 78 in January. She is health problems, so she will be around for a bit, God willing. We are planning a special room for her in our new home.

    I am very touched by your kind words! I posted to see who needed special thoughts and prayers during this busy travel time. With our DD's, it is hard to travel, sleep in a different bed, be with lots of people, etc. Not only will I be challenged during this holiday, many others will also...even those staying at home, I'm sure.

    So...blessings to you all. Hope everyone is well whether you're coming or going...which I don't know what I'm doing lots of times! (-:

    To all you sweeties,

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