Are You OD'ing on Your Supplements?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mme_curie68, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Well, I decided to sit down today and chart out all of my supplement amounts and BOY was I surprised - I've been OD'ing on my vitamins (compared to the USDA Reference Daily Values).

    Here's the daily value website.

    Now, I'm not talking about say 200 to 300% of a nutrient, where we know that if we might be deficient, an excess to some degree should help us and won't hurt us.

    In fact, the multivitamin I was using had in some cases up to 5000% to 7000% of the RDV!!!

    I mean, I know that for certain vitamins (like B and C) are water soluable and excess will be sent out through the kidneys - but still, at 7000% of the recommended daily value - what are the long term effects of that?

    So I went to where I order my vites and ordered as many "single formula" vitamins as I could. The only multiple I added was a mineral formula where all the reference values were 100% and no more.

    I also discovered I was falling WAY short on calcium. I'm not a milk drinker so dietary supplementation is necessary for me.

    Anyway, I thought I would share this info. If you are taking multi formulas, you might want to check what it all adds up to.

    Madame Curie
  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I agree with you. I think we are, excuse me but it's true, peeing away a whole lot of money spent in supplements.

    On the other hand, the RDA is very low, as we age we metabolize them less well, and certain supplements can help us a lot if we educate ourselves in their use and our body.

    For instance, I'm sure you've heard me say it before, most of us, unless we work outside every day, need a supplement of vitamin D and not just the RDA either. If you have time, google new research into vitamin D and read what they say.

  3. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    What supplements do you feel are a waste of money?
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  4. millennia

    millennia New Member

    My mother's friend is a nutritionist and she said that vitamin c can crystalize your urine if you take too much for too long. I've often wondered about the long term effects taking mega doses of vitamins might have.
  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Ordinarily I'd agree...

    But since I've started a new supplement plan, I've been feeling better than I have in 2 years. (Spent bedridden and housebound with a few minor outings if I got lucky)

    For whatever reason, my body doesn't work properly. It doesn't work like everyone else's. (normals)

    Since beginning the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid, I've been accomplishing so many things a day. I'm not only upright, I'm mostly feeling wonderful!!

    This multi has high RDA values in certain portions of the supp, but they're helping me to feel fantastic!!! (As long as I get some sleep at night, had a rough week and a half waking up early like at 3:00 am)

    I honestly don't think the US government will ever tell the public that the soils are depleted, and that no one can ever get all the nutrients they need from food alone.

    Doctors don't even recommend magnesium for muscle aches and help sleeping although all of us are deficient in magnesium. They will give you pain pills and sleep aids though because the drug companies want them to.

    I may not be explaining this well but for some, these multi's help. We each have to do what's best for our own bodies and for now, I don't see ever stopping something that has helped so much!

    I would like to find a good site that tells you if you're overlapping the supps.

    I hope your individual supps help you. Were you not feeling well with your multis?


    Nancy B.

  6. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I agree that a lot of us need more than the %100 RDA, I know they say that people with FMS don't absorb nutrients as well as "normal" people. I just worry about how much is too much.
  7. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    That site unfortunately does not touch up on those that are chronically ill. So that information is for those that healthy, "the normals".

    Do I think I am OD'ing on my supplements, nope! I take the ones in which I need heavily like Vit D, Magnesium, a multivitamin on occasion, Iron for my anemia, and the list goes on.

    Now I have a lot of supplements but I don't take all at once or everyday. I try to get all my nutrients through the foods that I eat. I find that through the foods that I eat, the nutrients are absorbed better that way.
  8. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Early in my FM diagnosis, I read on a website NOT to take a multivitamin. Eating right, she said, was the best way. And, I have found that if a take a multi, I can actually feel worse.

    Magnesium and malic acid are my mainstays. Won't live without them. Calcium and extra D are others I take. Cod Liver Oil I alternate with Fish Oils. With this regimen, my IBS has truly improved and I don't ache as badly.

    But, there can be overkill on it a med or a supplement. We have to pay attention to our bodies. I can tell when I get too much urine smells funny.

  9. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I'm going to try backing off the B's and C, and stay within 500% of the daily reference intake and see what happens.

    If I feel worse I'll go up, but I am curious to see if by backing off somewhat I get a little more improvement.

    Madame Curie

  10. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    I've been taking Pro Energy(2) and ZMA(1) and a multi-vitamin daily. Then I calculated how much of the B-vitamins I was getting and backed way off. I know that I am now not getting enough magnesium, but I read that the ratio of magnesium to calcium should be 1:2.

    How do you get enough magnesium, but not mess up the calcium/magnesium balance or overdose on B-vitamins?

    I've been looking at the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid and just might try that instead of the Pro Energy and ZMA.

  11. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I found I was too low on calcium. Extra magnesium has helped me, but I still wasn't getting enough calcium. What I will probably do is take the calcium in the am, the magnesium in the pm.

    For every article I've read saying take the 1:2 ratio for magnesium to calcium, I've read others that say it doesn't matter at all. What I do know for sure is that since I can't do weight bearing exercise (other than my own weight) it's more important than ever to make sure my calcium intake is adequate for bone and muscle health.

    I'm dropping the multi and I take a Fibro formula by a PH competitor that has the B's and malic acid. Still a high percentage, but about half of what I was taking if you add the multi in.

    Madame Curie

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