Are you sugar and caffiene free?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chrissy2, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Chrissy2

    Chrissy2 New Member

    How many of you have sworn off sweets and caffeine? If you have, did your FM symptoms decrease, and to what extent? Which specific symptoms did you notice a change in?

    I have major struggles with these two vices. I haven't gone a long enough stretch of being "sugar free" and caffeine free long enough to make a good judgement about how much better my own personal health would be without them. Hearing from those of you who have seen a difference would really encourage me.

    I am really going to make an effort to especially give up sweets and junk food. This is going to be hard, because I have issues with binge eating (and binge eaters typically don't binge on carrots -- smile). Having the added incentive that my health with improve (along with many other reasons) will help.


  2. Madelyn

    Madelyn New Member

    I have been caffeine free for many years. I gave up sugar a couple years ago too. I have CFIDS. It has helped. If I indulge in them, or anything with a lot of carbs, I feel terrible immediately, and for about a day after. I feel as though I'm smothering, among other things.
    If you cut out sugar, it probably won't stick unless you cut it out COMPLETELY. It's addictive. Good luck!
  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    but not sugar. The caffeine really affects my bladder sending me to the bathroom many times a day! It also really irritates my bladder, too. Yes, giving up sugar is hard. Some of my medication has made me crave sugar more I think, so I really have to watch how much I eat to avoid the weight gain. Good luck to you!

  4. nct

    nct New Member

    I've certainly cut down. I've been doing Atkins for 7 months. Caffeine is gone except the occassional in baking chocolate.
    Sugar is certainly way down, but not gone for good.
    But I have CFS rather than FM. But it still probably helps if I stay away from it.

  5. pamela

    pamela New Member

    I miss my carbs, caffeine and sugar...but YES I had to quit all of them. I finally found out that those were the culprits to so much of my pain. See my pain and fatigue came on gradual 3 years ago. I started feeling all this when I would eat potatoes, white bread and rice, chocolates, any sugar in veggies and cokes did not help. So try to cutt all of it and I bet you will feel 100% better!!! Love Pammy
  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I had to get rid of the caffeine habit (I had ulcers). I drank two to three pots of coffee a day, PLUS I was addicted to Coca Cola, like 8 bottles a day (not the diet kind!).

    I did feel a whole lot better, I was a bundle of nerves all the time, and I had no control over a very bad temper, I think the caffeine contribuates to meaness, if you have that kind of personality to start with.

    I also cut back on tea (decaffinated), as I read somewhere that tea has some ingredient in it that can enhance pain, IF you drink it in large quantities!
    I was drinking like 20 cups of tea a day getting off of coffee. Four or five cups a day is good for you, but the amounts I was drinking was not.

    I can now drink a cup of real coffee in the morning, and not crave it all day long anymore. I kicked the caffeine habit. Since I got off of Coke Cola, I don't even like the taste now. I don't drink any colas, I only drink fruit juice and water.

    As for sugar, I don't have a problem with it. I am not a chocolate, candy, pastry or ice cream lover, I just use condenced milk in my decaffeninated tea and coffee, sugar in lemonade or ice tea. I use no artificial sweetners at all, never did.

    I don't like junk food, and it does not like me! I can eat a Mc Donald's hamburger and be sick for days, so none of the fast foods are a problem. I don't like them anyway.

    I did change from all white flour, such as pasta, rice and bread to wheat products. It stopped my stomach from bloating in a weeks time. Try the Suzanne's Sumer's way of eating, it will also help with the sugar cravings, my husband has the worlds worst sweet tooth, and it helped him.

    You will feel better, and look better too!

    Shalom, Shirl