are you talkin Dr. Poesnecker in Seattlle????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ponygirl, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Ponygirl

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    saw his name mentioned a few times and I remembered I went to schol with a kid named Randy Poesnecker. We all thought his dad was a nut case Dr in the 70's but now come to think of it , he was a natural Dr. that we new nothing about. Someone mentiones he does corispondence by e-mail. How do I get ahold of him???? Small world huh? Now that I had FMS I hope he is in my area as it sounds like he has a lot to offer.. Pls let me know what you know... HELP.
  2. teach6

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    Do a websearch on a search engine like Google for Dr. Poesnecker and you should be able to find his site.

  3. tjlibby

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    Hello.. Haven't heard of him. Give his treatment a chance it may help... Teri
  4. Jasmine

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    Dr. Poesnecker has worked with chronic fatigue patients for over 40 years. He feels CFS is an adrenal problem. He and his team operate the Clymer Research Healing Center in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He treated me for 3 years and I am much better. He is originally from the Seattle area as I believe he attended Bastyr.

    Love, Jasmine
  5. klutzo

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    The adrenal fatigue theory he advocates is right on target, IMO. His first name is GERALD. So, unless he goes by the nickname of Randy, it's not him. Maybe Randy is his son, and he is the "nutcase" you are referring to. He will answer your e-mail if you go to his website. We are not allowed to list URL's here, as you know.
  6. RhainyC

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    I am going to look up this doc and see what he has to offer. My Therapist is certain I have FMS, but cannot do the Tender Point Exam, and has suggested I find a good medical doc to help out with that, and treatment.

    BTW, I am in Blaine, WA

  7. Ponygirl

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    Thank you all so much for the opening to Dr Poesnecker. Yep, looks like he was my Jr. Highschools friends dad. Wow, he was WAY ahead of his time. So nice to hear he has been successful in treating CFS. I will go and e-mail him and see what he can do for me.This site never seems to let me down. Somebody always knows something about anything!!!