Areas of Pain from Previous Surgeries

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    Is there any correlation between previous surgery areas of the body reacting negatively due to FMS?

    I ask this because one of my worst flare-ups caused crippling pain in every surgical site, and I have numerous. I had a total hysterectomy, my appendix and gall bladder removed, adhesions removed at least 5 times, and endometriosis removed just as many times. I also had numerous laparoscopies at my belly button. Prior to my hysterectomy I had a pregnancy on my ovary, many cysts on my ovaries, ovary retrieval x2 for IVF’s, and my tubes were unclogged several times…. so that entire area for about 20 years caused me many trips to the O.R.

    My flare-up encompassed the front of my body from my groin up to my throat and I couldn’t get out of bed or eat for 2 days; I missed work for 8 days. I went to my FP and Urologist. My FP sent me to the hospital and many tests were done, but they were all negative. I was sent home without medication or advise. It was very difficult to explain the pain to doctors because I’d never had that type of pain before. It just hurt badly and it wasn’t until the third day that I could even get out of bed to go to the doctor.

    As I’m still thinking about this, about two years ago, I fell for no reason and broke my foot across the top and 1 toe. The toe never healed correctly, but I’m okay with that. But, my pain is worse in that foot than it is in the other and that’s the foot that has continuous vibrations underneath. I’m not even sure if that’s at all related to FMS, yet. Still learning….. When I fell I had a house full of company; all relatives and they chalked my fall up to being a klutz and we just laughed it off until I looked at my foot and within minutes cried from the pain.

    I have books that I’m reading now, and I thought when I was skimming one of them, there was a chapter regarding surgeries but I’ve been unable to find it and can’t remember which book it was in. Imagine that!

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