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    I have asked myself many times whether my complaints about doctors and their treatment of me during this 8 month long crisis are valid.

    This was an important question and view point for me to figure out because the relationships I have had with doctors and their comments and advice and even treatments have played such a huge part in this unprecedented, life changing and scary event and time of my life.

    Besides being in constant pain and feeling that every part of my body inside and out can't be trusted, I have lost my job, had enormous financial loss and much emotional and psychological stress for me and my wife and children.
    And to think that just 8 months ago..none of this was present.

    Not only has this unexplained illness created all this pain and stress, but it has also forced me to have to go on countless visits to doctors offcies, hospitals and testing clinics with everything from MRI's to dozens of vein searching blood tests and electric shock tests and intestinal probes, etc. To have to do all these things under "normal" feeling times would be a strain...but to have to clean up and buck up and try to be social and go through all this while feeling at times like I was going to die, just made this an even greater challenge and has honestly taken a lot of courageous drive.

    So, when you encounter a doctor who loses his patience with you in your little 15 minute allowance of evaluation time and who acts rushed when you hit the crisis business management end-of-session time, it is another weight to bear on your already stressed mind, body and heart.

    Add on doctors who actually get mad at you and or too often keep referring to "psychological" reasons for your complaints and these visits often become extremely unpleasant and even more stressful for you to go to. You stress out just thinking about going to them!

    Again, is it my pain that is making me subjectively exaggerate my perceptions here? Am I reading things into these visits and the doctors comments that simply aren't there?

    Am I not being sympathetic enough to a frustrated, over booked doctor's point of view?

    Is it unreasonable and cry-babyish of me to think that these tightly booked doctors have no clue or enough sympathy as to the whole amount of stress and pain I am going through and to the enormity of the stress when you combine the financial losses that go with it? And that they should understand and be more sympathetic to us whose lifes in many ways "truly are" being devastated in many ways?

    Is it unreasonable and just plain wrong of me to think
    that Doctors are the only professional group that is allowed to speak to me ( a 50+ year old man ) in a condescending way that is identical to being chastised by a angry principle in an elementary school?

    If my car mechanic or plumber or electrician or attorney or any other highly trained technician ever talked to me the way half these doctors did...I would fire them on the spot!
    So, why do we allow doctors to talk to us this way?

    And that 15 minute factory assembly line office visit which I pay $40 in co-pays it unreasonable for me to think that waiting 30 to 45 minutes to get in to sit for another 10 to 15 minutes is just not right? And then to have the rushed doctor prevent me from talking the first 5 mintues of the visit with "let me check you vitals. Take off your shirt please... take a deep breath...hold it. Give me your arm...etc." Then eventually they will say " Okay, tell me how things are going."

    Being so rushed and apprehensive about the fact that I have such a short time and that the doctor will probably get irritated if I just tell him the same depressing truth...I always get kind of discumbobulated and forget to tell him half of what I was intending. And several times in my confusion I have misdescribed things...for example, saying the pain was a certain level when it might be higher at other times...or that certain medicine worked but forgetting to say that it didn't work very well or long or it had side effects that were unpleasant. That rushed feeling screws up so much.

    And there are huge white elephants in the room that you are not allowed to discuss ( I have been stopped or met with complete silence or a quick change of subject ) when I bring up the fact that these other major areas of my life are making dealing with my illness even more challenging and loss of job, income, growing debt,personal relationship strain due to illness, family losing patience, empathy and also feeling stress from these other areas.

    I think maybe "once" was I allowed to mention this with a kind word of sympathy being mentioned. I am fully aware that doctors aren't therapists. And my one sentence of mentioning these other areas is not trying to turn them into therapists. But they react with a "how dare you waste my precious time" with problems that are not strictly medical. How dare you act like a human being under extreme stress and bring up something that isn't strictly medical.

    So you just don't...but these other huge white elephants besides your actual illness are just stomping all over you all day and night the minute you walk out of that doctors office.

    I have decided that mentioning these things in postings here and elsewhere is absolutely valid. That my view is not just born out of objectivity distorting pain. That doctors ( seriously, the majority of them ) in this country have an extreme ego distortion and rushed-time-for-patient problem.

    This profession across the board clearly talks to their patients in a condescending and insulting way that we would never tolerate from any other profession. Why do we tolerate this? It is time it is acknowledged and it is time that it stop.

    My worst case involved a new PC who in 5 minutes of looking at my hospital records on his lap-top cockily said " I know what your problem is...Depression!" He wouldn't even discuss anything else and rushed me out to get anti-depressants for the first time in my life.

    With my second and last visit to him he exploded when he found out I didn't get these. I told him I felt that I needed more time and explanation to over come my apprehensions about getting on these and to fully accept depression as the major cause of my newly acquired illness.

    He literally put his chair right in front of me...shook his finger in my face and angrily blasted me saying " Doctors don't want to treat people like you...who come in complaining of mostly just pain...and who probably go on the computer and think they have cancer with every little one." You will be seeing doctors forever because they don't agree with you and they don't want to treat patients like you" (I'm not exaggerating this story one bit. It's too important to not do this.)

    I didn't argue with him at all. Kept silent, finished the apppointment. Dropped him the second I walked out of his office. Couldn't believe what I had just been subjected too. Later another PC had me get some MRI's...found a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder I told this yelling doctor I had pain in. Had a camera endoscopy for the pain I was complaining about in my stomach area and they found 25 areas of inflammation, two beginning ulcers and damage to my illium. I am now being tested for beginning Crohns disease. And on and on.

    But according to this first PC who yelled at me and told me it was all depression, I didn't have these clinically proven injuries. "This" is the kind of treatment and attitude I am talking about with so many doctors today.

    Is the nation-wide feeling of frustration,resentment, anger and disappointment with doctors and their arrogance valid? Is it so wide spread that we could call this a crisis? A crisis in confidence and unprofessional behavior? Egos out of control? I truly belive it is.

    And the more we talk about it. Struggle with and clarify this subject so that when the times come to debate and report this in the national media...our point of view will be rational and be backed up with logic and many facts and that these doctors will be forced to deal with the "truth" of this national crisis of confidence and change their ways...and not argue out of it or dilute this or make most people feel that this is just a few bad apples who are hurting and blaming doctors. It isn't this at all.

    It just took having to see doctors more than once every year or two for a check up for me to find this out. And to have an illness as debilitating and devastating as the one I now have.
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    I think you've hit the nail on the head. Your complaints are valid and accurate.

    It used to be that doctors became doctors to heal people, and would take the whole person into account. Now, because of the way the system has evolved, most doctors have become treaters of symptoms, and worriers about paying their insurance premiums. Can you imagine what would happen to our pharmaceutical system if people actually got well?

    That is why I've turned to Chinese Medicine, for things that can possibly be healed. My Chinese Dr. is interested in healing me, whevever possible. He relieves symptoms by changing the body, and by bringing part of it, at least, closer to normal.

    Good luck in fiinding a doctor you like. I know that, in spite of what I've said, there are some good dictors out there.

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    I am truly sorry you are having such a rough time of it. It sounds like you haven't found the right physician for you yet sometimes it takes a while.

    I am lucky after going through several years ago I have found some good ones.

    If I might make some suggestions which may help you. Having worked around physicians for several years in total now I have learned a thing or two.

    I use to be a little intimidated by them now I am just blunt with them hey they are no better than I am is the way I look at. Trust me after some of the thing I have seen in medical charts some are not any smarter either...LOL

    1. Make a list when you go to see the physician but try no to make it too long. Prioritize it to the most bothersome symptoms.

    2. If you are feeling rushed tell the physician this and tell him/her it is making you nervous, anxious, or what ever you are feeling.

    3. As for yelling no you do not have to take that and I most certainly would not take it. Just remind the physician that the exam room is small and you hear is fine and there is no need for him/her to raise their voice.

    4. Putting you on medication without any discussion well in my opinion...absolutely not. You have the right to participate and ask questions in you treatment plan.

    (I had a PA who wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine a while back. Mine had been elevated 2 time. I just told her "having an elevated 2 time does warrant being on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life in my no I will not take it at this time. I think I can get it to come down by diet change". and I did).

    My point is you can be firm and nice and get your point across.

    Best of luck to you,

    Karen :)

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    Terry, thanks for the thoughtful and informative reply post.

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    There is nothing you said that is not true, in my opinion.

    Yes, there is a health crisis in this country...maybe even worldwide.

    I have only a couple of suggestions:

    Do make a prioritized list to take to each doctor.

    Try to stay with the doctor(s) who have found specific things wrong with you. They will be your best bet to get proper diagnoses of all your various symptoms.

    Get a therapist. Antidepressants help many of us; but having one get to know you and your intelligent demeanor can be very good for your care. Mine has intervened with doctors a few times when they wanted me to take meds that give me bad side effects.

    My therapist is my "dumping ground". They are trained to listen, and they also have more time for you. Mine has also made me appts with specialist to help with decisions regarding family things and also legal questions about long-term care and end-of-life decisions.

    My PC dr. has learned a lot from me as I stuck with him for 8 yrs now. He has taken on more CFS patients because he now believes them and does lab work to try to find ways to help them.

    Eventually, the real reasons for symptoms do show up if we are persistant in asking for referrals to specific specialists who can find the problems, as you have done.

    It is very discouraging, but you know, we who have these illnesses are the most courageous I have ever met. You are one of them. Keep working towards your goal of appropriate care.

    I also suggest you have a visit where you tell your doctor that you will no longer take condescending and inappropriate behavior from him or anyone else, that you are sick, you want symptoms tracked down, and while you respect his education and choice to be a doctor, it doesn't give him the right to invalidate you.

    If he wants you to switch drs, fine; but I bet he will respect you more if you tell him that, and that you will try to be organized and not waste his time, but will be specific about what you'd like from him during each visit.

    Have you been diagnosed with CFS? If not, maybe you don't have it, but have other things that, with proper treatment, will allow you to heal and feel well enough to get on with a more normal life.

    I wish you the best, for you and your family. It is devastating to get sick in this country unless you have cancer, which they can attack; or HIV, which can now be treated.

    CFS is the straw breaking the doctor's backs: you can blame the CDC for this.

    But, there's always hope!
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    I admire your backbone.

    You do not deserve to be talked down to like you are a misbehaving child.
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    They have to treat our complaints as if there was a clinically explaniable reason,and they have to find it. You had a torn rotator cuff, your doctor assumed it was in your head before doing everything in his power to prove his theory wrong. I think saying to anyone it's in our head is wrong at any time- saying it without checking possible casues of the pain- is medical neglect.

    I have a doc. who prescribe meds without discussing the med first- I do not take them. He say one thing to me-and another thing to the pharmacy- I do not take them then either. He even assumed I was bipolar (my psychiatrist later shooked his head and said:- Impossible!) because I poured out my frustration in tears awaiting a diagnosis. This was after seeking help for a long time- and getting nowhere.

    I have a therapist who help me handle my PTSD. I have desided to let my doc. know that my psycological treatment and evaluation is taken care of by my psycologist and he have desided I am not depressed. Therefore I am not taking anti depressants. Therefore my physical complaints cannot be blamed on that. Iffy for my doc! Well, I pay him for it.

    Maybe going the route to seek counseling to have a valid person verify that you are not depressed ( maybe just secondary because of medical problems and non-treatment?) can help long term? I would give it a shot. You are in for a long haulk anyhow with this illness,it might be helpful down the road.
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    Joeb7th, I'm with you! While some doctors I've seen appear to try to control their impatience with my list of problems (CFS, then FM), I've had too many office visits to mention where they give me "the look" as if I was wasting their time. Some have, like your experience, insisted I was depressed while others just sigh and order more blood work which tells them nothing's wrong with me. The last doctor actually said to me: And what is it you want ME to do for you??"

    But I don't know the answer. Certainly, as many here have suggested, a list is a must but that's just the tip of this iceberg.

    I'm sure doctors have their side of it with whining patients, insurance demands, liability and time constraints but most of us are Rodney Dangerfields - just not getting *no respect* while we deal day after day with pain and exhaustion.

    I have no idea where to begin but if you figure it out, I'm behind you.

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    Kudo's to you. You just wrote about the same thing I am feeling.
    I wonder how many of us have these kinds of docotrs. I don't want to be babied by them I just want them to listen and respect me as another human that has a medical problem...that is why we go to them because they are doctors and went to school to be this and made that decision to do so....they have lost their selves in the process.
    My doctor is a good and intelligent women but she has the bedside manner of a dictator. She's qick and to the point...hers not yours and she doesn't hear 80% of what I say. For example...I have had lymph node surgery on my neck twice and twice now I have had to remind her that I didn't have angioplasty and I don't have a heart condition. She doesn't even say sorry my mistake but just simply overlooks it. That is why I am looking for a new doctor and I don't look forward to it.
    You mention a doctor telling you that you went on the computer and now you think you have cancer or something well, I to do research on my medical problems because I want to be informed and doctors hate that...they want us to be uninformed...I want to know what is going on and it is a shame we have to go to computers to get the information they should be giving.
    I ask my doctor about taking certain meds together and she doesn't know. My doctor wants me to have an MRI...she knows I am claustophobic and I have Meneire's disease which is a problem with my ears and balance and sounds...I asked if there were open and wide ones here and she said she didn't know and if I can find one good luck....why didn't she say she would have her nurse look for one and see what we could come up with...instead I went home and got on the computer and found one in Indiana...I am in Michigan which is about two hours away so I called and got the info and relayed it back to my docotor and now I am on my way to Indiana for an open and wide MIR. Do you think she will be grateful to me for all the work?
    Anyway I get what you are saying. We are in a mess in this country with our Doctors...something has to change and I know sickness is not going away so the doctors have to go back to the basics and start a new approch.
    We have enough to worry about with this illness and all the problems that follow along with it...we don't need to have the extra worry about our medical care on top of it. I just want some anwsers and resecpt for putting up with all of this. If they don't know what is going on with us just tell us and let us help in making decisions that will work for us. We all have some of the same effects but we all have different ones also and the problems we have, family, home and work are all different. I am sick and tired of being told that it is stress or depression. I know these things are there but they are not the underlying problem just made to come to the surface because of what ever is raging my body to make me hurt and not be able to move for weeks on in and so tired that I can't function.
    As you can read I to a fed up and tired...something has to change.
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    Joeb, you write very well. Since this matter is very disturbing to you, I suggest that you copy the exact post and send it to the American Medical Association as a "Letter to the Editor" in their published magazines as how a patient sees some of them.

    I say some of them, because all doctors are not like this.

    Others have given you some got advice ... like making a prioritized list of what you want to discuss with the doc. It is not unreasonable to waiting 30 to 45 minutes to get in to see a doctor, then sit for another 10 to 15 minutes in the exam room. I know that I have been on of those patients who have taken up 30 minutes of his time, on occasions, and caused him to be late seeing his other patients. I am sorry, but I have really needed him on those days. I was glad he was there for me. Other visits are brief, and he's out of there early! This is just the nature of a doctor's job.

    However, it is never acceptable for a doctor to yell or scream at a patient, to be rude to a patient, or to act like a total jackass!!!!!

    When any doctor, or any other professional, or just a plain ole' person for this matter(!), who talks to you in a condescending and insulting way, you should abruptly stand up, excuse yourself, and leave ... stating that you do not have to tolerate behavior of this sort, and do so ... leave!!!! If I let myself be talked to like this, then it's my fault.

    Every doctor on my team (and I have many specialists!) is a dream. I have dumped those who were not and found acceptable ones to take their place. They are all great and treat me with the utmost respect, and I do them.

    I am serious about you sending your post to the AMA, and possibly others, to get your point across. Even sending it to the Dean of medical schools in your area might benefit what they teach medical students--that the patients of this century demand more from their doctors than in the past.

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    Ok, I don't want to engage in an all-out doctor bashing session, but.....let me share just two experiences in one week. I'm experiencing some new and weird symptoms that are pretty scary..losing my vision in my left eye was one. That said, I've been in and out of doctor offices, hospitals for ultrasounds, etc. and labs for blood work all week.

    I saw a new Opthalmologist who seemed nice enough. After the exam she quickly gave me several important bits of information and gave me her opinion as to what my problem might be. Well, of course, as soon as she gave me this info it went right out of my head. My memory loss and cognitive dysfunction make it so hard to understand and retain things. I said to her "I have a huge favor to ask of you". She said "sure". I explained my inability to retain and comprehend the info she just gave me and told her that my husband was in the waiting room. I asked her if she could take a minute and tell him what she had just told me. She rolled her eyes (no lie) and turned to her nurse (who had just walked in the room and wasn't even there when she has given me her prognosis) and said "could you do that". Then she walked out.

    She didn't even address me...say yes or no...just ignored what she probably considered a very stupid request. Of course, the nurse never did tell my husband what the doc had said because she didn't know what to say. GRRRRRR I'm still steaming over that one.

    Well, when I went to the next doctor for something else a couple of days later,I was armed with paper and pencil. As soon as she started giving me her opinion, I said "just a minute, please, I'd like to write this down". She said, "Oh I'll write it down for you". I said "great!!". She proceeded to rapid-fire medical terms at me and wrote down two words. She then recommended a rheumatologist who I had already seen and preferred not to go to. Since she wrote his name on the same paper as the "notes" she wrote for me, when she realized I didn't need his name, she crumpled the paper and pitched it in the trash can, notes and all.

    Maybe my expectations are too high. I have a friend who is a Psychologist with many FMS/CFIDS patients and she knows many doctors of course. She told me that doctors want to heal...they want their patients to get better. So, if you are not better by the third visit, they want you to go away. And,since what we have cannot be verified by a lab test, they are frustrated by us...they can't handle it.

    I realize this doesn't apply to all doctors, but I've seen a few "doozies". I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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    If I wasn't so sick right now, I would probably go on about rude doctors, and, especially doctors who feel threatened by the knowledge that their patients may have about their own illnesses and their own bodies! The fact is that there is waaay more information available to us mere mortals now, like this website and many others.

    I commend you for being so cool when being spoken to in that incredible fashion, but next time, consider saying "F--k you!" LOL No, you are not expecting too much.

    Don't try too hard to pretend that everything is fine and try to carry on. That is a stress on your body that it can't take right now. You need to REST or you will get worse. Also, a naturopath and/or an acupuncturist can give you some assistance, but REST, REST, REST. That's what I'm going to do now. Marie
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    Most doctors are the same the world over (including here in Australia).
    Don't forget to remind them, that all their years of training & experience DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE PREFECT.

    YOU have lived with YOUR body for your whole life (I am 52 yr old female), and know your own body intimately. You know every crack & line, every imperfection, every episode of "unwellness" (by that I mean symptoms that are different to your normal everyday condition). If you are abnormally fatigued, in pain, confused or other cognitive thinking issues, then you KNOW WHAT THEY ARE - not he/she who may have seen you for all of 15 minutes.

    I went through thousands of dollars of stomach/bowel tests in 2004 (there is a history of bowel cancer in the family) - the final result IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.

    Was referred to a Rheumatologist (I was having a good day that day) who said there was nothing wrong with me.

    I was referred to a psychiatrist (as my general practitioner was concerned that I was getting depressed), who wisely identified that I was not clinically depressed just "very, very angry".

    My general practitioner is actually very, very good & very sympathetic (his daughter has similar health problems).
    I offered my 4 year "health/pain" diary to him for his reading. He admitted that he thought I was only having infrequent episodes, and didn't realise the extent of my years of pain & unwellness - now he DOES understand. I explained that I only made an appointment with him when I was really desperate (or needed a medical certificate for work) - I couldn't possibly afford to see him EVERY TIME I WAS UNWELL.

    So, keep searching, & eventually you'll find someone who really cares & more importantly, really listens to what you are saying. Find someone who can give you time to tell your story.

    Apart from tryptanol to help me sleep (been on 25mg for about 2 months now) which has helped immensely, I have found to some extent, that the best doctor around is ME. Read every article, book or whatever. Read every person's story you can find time to check out their symptoms & therapy experience (on the internet or in your local library).


    Try dietary changes. I had a complete absence of symptoms on following a grain-free diet (with no rice or white potatoes either), no dairy (which I've been following 97% for about 20 years anyway), and no processed/tinned food (I've followed this "fresh" only diet for many years anyway (well mostly fresh/unprocessed if I can).

    It's very hard to keep up (& I'm too tired when I get home from work to prepare fresh vegetable juices each night or cook/prepare the perfect meal, daily, this year).

    But it DID work early last year (FOR A FEW MONTHS)!

    This year, I have lapsed & been a bit lazy (but also short of money & time to constantly shop at the organic fresh food stalls at the market - which are a lot more expensive than my local corner shop).

    I was always a big walker & have done stretching exercises for my chronic "bad" back for years (can't do these anymore due to a prolapsed disc).

    AND THE BEST THING I'VE TRIED is GOJI juice! (I like the dried berries but they didn't actually change my symptoms), it's regular consumption of the JUICE that did the trick!
    Trouble is - it's fairly expensive.

    But I go without other things to buy it - it's worth every cent.

    For anyone who's reading this post, I have had remarkable success with renewed energy & clearing of my brain-fog & memory problems, taking a capful of Goji juice morning & night. I noticed the difference on about the fourth day. I also take a good calcium/magnesium supplement, a good multi-vitamin with herbs & echinacea (the female herbs regulate those "bad" days during the month). And 2 capsules morning & night of pure salmon oil (as well as a couple of meals of fresh salmon each week). It makes a big difference having the pure salmon oil as opposed to just "fish" oil capsules.

    So do some experimenting (as far as your limited budget might stretch) & treat yourself - be your own Doctor (as long as you've ruled out any potentially serious medical problems through the orthodox doctors/specialistS first). No point treating yourself, if you genuinely have cancer or stroke or heart attack.

    The tryptanol prescription, is really the main need for me to consult the doctor these days - can't get it without the doctor's prescription. And I'm still to see the muscular/skeletal surgeon for a "follow-up" to my nerve root injection for the prolapsed disc pain.

    Actually, it was the muscular/skeletal surgeon who really asked me lots of questions about my pain & other symptoms who came up with the FIBROMYALGIA diagnosis.

    So now I have 2 doctors who believe me & give me their time & listen to what I say.

    Never give up. Just know that you're not alone, & there are many people out there who feel the same as you do about the medical profession in general, & also there ARE medical practitioners out there who genuinely care.

    You've just got to find them.

  14. Cromwell

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    I want to validate the way you are feeling. I encounter this all the time and I am so polite.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Today we are just customers.

    And since customer service has pretty much disappeared, it is pointless to expect much.

    Couple decades ago, while in a pysch ward, I kept telling the doctors the pain in my lower right quadrant was appendecitis. They kept telling me it wasn't.

    Guess who had to have surgery for a ruptured appendix and peritonitis. Do you think anyone even apologized?

    We had a post on this board some time ago about drs. deserving respect. Not most of them; not today.
  16. Leaknits

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    Joeb, do not let yourself convince yourself that your complaints are not valid or not real.
    NO dr has the right to demean you or your feelings.
    NO dr has the right to shout at you.
    NO dr who ignores you when you say you have a problem here or there is worth the paper on his exam table.

    That MDeity (*stole that from another poster here...I think it's great) who, in a taaa daaa voice informed you that your problem is depression ~~~~ well gee, of course you are depressed ~~~ you've had your entire life impacted by the past 8 months of pain and dr-horrors!

    NO, depression is not "all in your mind," as I was informed by one wunderkind. It's just one of the many heads of the monster we call CFS, CFIDS, or "For pete's sake, I'm SICK, fix me!"

    Absolutely do send your posted message here to bad doc's superiors. A letter to the editor of your local newspaper wouldn't be a bad idea, either. You'll have to do some judicious editing; most editors like submissions to be 300 words or less.

    When a physician assistant laughed at me because I was in so much pain I was in tears, ridiculed me with smirks and outright laughter, and came within an ace of calling me a typical drug-seeking junkie...well, I came unglued, wrote a letter to head of county clinic services. It just so happens that head of services formerly was my PCP and liked me. That physician assistant doesn't work at that clinic, or anywhere else in this county here, near as I can find out. See? Writing letters helps.

    Bless my new doc, he's not in the clinic circuit, listens to his patients, and ---gasp--- makes housecalls one day a week to his homebound patients. When was the last time you heard of a dr who made housecalls?

    Your dr is not god. None of them are, not even the beauty who attempted to pressure me into accepting a radioactive iodine scan of my thyroid because he, despite the fact I hadn't shown any symptoms, absolutely knew I had thyroid problems. The little fact that in my file he never read was a paper directing I never but never be subjected to any kind of radiation...well, he didn't want to hear about that.
    I'm so glad I held firm! New doc had me go for blood tests. My thyroid is just fine, thanks much.

    Bottom line, you might have to go through a long string of hopefuls to find one good dr.
    And I wish you the best of luck.
    Keep coming back here. It works.

  17. joeb7th

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    Thank you all.

    Things are still the same with me. My PC said last Monday during my once every two month scheduled visit "I know you don't want to hear this, but I believe your problems are more psychological than physical."

    What can I say?

    Rhuemy on Tuesday didn't say this but just referred me for some physical therapy on my right shoulder and said he would see me in 6 weeks.

    When I hesitated after he said this, he said" OH, you don't want any treatment for your pain? " I said " Oh no, I sure's just that I have pain all over and not just in my right shoulder and I would sure like to know how I can get treatment for all of it versus just one area."

    He didn't say anything.

    I also couldn't tell him that I can't afford $40 co-pays for every physical therapy session on that right shoulder. The money just isn't there. I am not working and my disability check is gone the first day I get it for basic living expenses. I didn't mention this again because I have learned that it just isn't acceptable to discusss personal problems with a medical doctor. If you do they usually remain silent anyway.

    But great responses from all of you. Thanks again.

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