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    Has anyone had the argenine stimulation test to test for reserves of growth hormone in the pituitary? I've been told no side effects, but I am concerned about argenine stimulating bacteria and or inflammation. Doc has suggested it because I have very low growth hormone urinary levels, and I'd prefer to try the secretagogues.

    There is apparently no point in using this if there is no reserve left in the pituitary, because the secretagogue stimulates the pituitary to make more of what we have.

    Any ideas anyone??
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    I had it in March. It took several hours, you get an IV and the arginine is injected into it over the first half hour, I think it was. They draw blood before they start, and then every half hour for 3 or 4 hours.

    It didn't produce a flare or anything in me, but there are, as with anything, possible side effects. Some people have allergic reactions to the arginine. The only things I felt when I was having the test were flushing and some mild nausea in the first half hour or so. Otherwise, it was just boring. LOL

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    Many thanks for your reply re the argenine test. Have to think carefully about this.
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