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  1. cats2595

    cats2595 New Member

    Anyone tried Arginine? If so, what results did you have?


  2. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    If you have CFS with viral components like any of the Herpes infections = Epstein Barr, CMV, HHV6 - you stay away from arginine. It is found in chocolate and nuts.

  3. cats2595

    cats2595 New Member

    Thanks for replying. I am getting mixed messages about arginine. Research I have done on it, from what I understand, says it is supposed to be good for herpes viruses (I have CMV.) Can you tell me where you got your information about arginine and chocolate and nuts? Thanks for your information.
  4. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

    It is a known fact that arginine will aggravate the herpes virus. You should consult a knowledgeable herbalist. The only way you may be able to take it is by balancing it with lysine. Again, talk to a knowledgable herbalist.
  5. cats2595

    cats2595 New Member

    Thanks to both of you for the information. I take lysine but will certainly do more research before starting the arginine.

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