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    Well, I saw my rheumy yesterday and went in with my handy dandy notebook and told her the meds I waned to try. SHe would only agree to Cybalta which I will begin tomorrow. I wantd Provigil Very much and she said that she had found it kept people awake. I told her of my research that said the oppposite and that I was willing to try. She still refused but I did get an injection in my foot (it is very sore today). BTW, when she refused the provigil I told her I wouldmake an apptment with my PCP and maybe he would be more helpful. I will call him today and see what he says. He had told me he would be glad to treat my FMS.
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    because they can't cure us. You will often get more help from your PCP or alternative medicines.
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    hope you have better luck with your PCP. It's very hard when our caregivers dont listen to us even though we have researched what we need.