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    hi i was just wondering if anyone has gone infront of ronald robbins alj here in phoenix. if so was he nice or mean. i just found out today his name but i havent received the letter yet with the date. i should be getting it any time i hope and pray. signed running out of patience with the ssi. ren
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    Hopefully you will get some answers.

    A thought, do you have an attorney? One of the great benefits of having an attorney who does SSDI in your area is they should know all of the judges and how you can expect your hearing to go.

    My attorney (though a big jerk) was helpful in preparing me for the judge I had, who was the hardest judge in my area (known for rarely approving cases). With my attorneys help, I received a fully favorable bench decision. I believe his insight on the judge helped my case tremendously.

    Praying for a positive outcome in your case!!