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  1. suave

    suave New Member

    does anybody live in arizona. if you do do you know of a good doc that listens and helps fms patients.
  2. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I'm working on it myself. Where are you looking? Have you tried anyone yet? Are you limited by insurance?

  3. suave

    suave New Member

    phoenix area. avondale. ihave been going to a doctor here since july. but i now have cigna and i was just looking through the doctor directory book and it looks like i have alot of choices now. we moved here from southern nev. last june so my other docs or i should say ex docs are there.where are you in az sofi. oh im 51 and was diagnosed with fibro june 04 but i think ive had it longer. but ever since april 04 all kinds of things stared happening to me especially when i was working. i couldnt figure out what was going on with me. i thought that i was going nuts. oh enough about that huh. how are you feeling. have you applied for ssd yet.
  4. QueenieWong

    QueenieWong New Member

    Hi, I live in Glendale, Az and go to a Michael Fairfax on 2nd Street and Osborn. He is very compassionate and understanding. I've been going to him for about 10 years and truly believe he was the one who helped me get my disability. Good Luck

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