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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sandyblue, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. sandyblue

    sandyblue New Member

    Just thought I would see if there are any people on here that have good docs that understand CFS and FMS. Expecially Nuerologists. I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help me.
    God bless.
    sandy in phoenix
  2. iggyangel

    iggyangel New Member

    I live in the west valley... I have a great rheummie in PHX if youre interested let me know.. I need a neurologist as well.
    Hope to talk to ya soon!@!
    Blessings, Iggy
  3. azcactuslil

    azcactuslil New Member

    I have a good rhuematologist in the west valley and some recommendations of some others. Haven't got a recommendation for a CFS/FMS sympathetic nuerologist. Know of a good one but he has issues with the DD's and is on a learning curve.

    Have a very good primary on W. T-Bird. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. gosmoothy

    gosmoothy New Member

    Dr. Scott Rigens , is a CFS/CFIDS special doc in Phoenix, AZ.

  5. sandyblue

    sandyblue New Member

    I'll let you guys know if I need the Ruemo but I have an appt with one already that Mercy Care referred me to. Anyone ever here of Dr Bhalla, he's the Ruemo I'm being sent to see. He's on the west side too, I live in the North West area of Phx myself.
    By the way, if anyone tells you to go see a Nuerologist by the name of Epstein, tell them know. He's the quack that told me there is no such thing as FMS.
    For anyone in Northern Az, Dr Bryan is an excellent nuero. Wish I could go there.
    thanks again
    take care and God Bless

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