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    hi i live in west phoenix avondale, believe me the dry hot climate helps fibro alot. i go out and sit in the sun when ever i have burning and chronic pain. it helps alot. before here i lived in las vegas the dry climate there helps alot to. the sun is like a heating pad all over. i love arizona but my kids and grandkids are in las vegas and i miss them alot so we are moving back just as soon as my disability is done which should be soon. i miss them too much and we came here a year ago for my husbands work and for the money but family means more than all of that. but the dry heat helps anything like fibro and arthritis oops spell wrong.i think. good luck. make the move. cold is not so good for things like this. rene arizona
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    Thanks for the advice. I know when I have this all over achy feeling I pray for a sunny day here in Kansas City cause it does feel like an all over heating pad like you said..I dont always get those days here in KC, but i know I would in Az.

    Do you notice any pollution or allergy problems? What about valley fever? Just curious as some have ;mentioned them.

    Thanks so much,
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    I lived in Az, don't move there, I got valley fever and ended up with Fibro, i was ALWAYS sick living there. I moved back to my home in Florida, near the ocean and down on sea level and feeling so much better. This is free advice!!!