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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1faith, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Can any of you Arkansas folks suggest some physicians who are knowlegeable at treating FM? It doesn't really matter where in the state-I'll go wherever! I haven't had much success in my internet searches.
  2. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    I know of some good clinics and doctors in Arkansas. If you could tell me where you are located, maybe I could find
    someone close to you who treats FM.

    Okay? I'll be more than happy to try.


  3. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    I'm about 90miles south of Little Rock. I appreciate any help! I read last night that a Dr James Adametz has an interest in FM, but I also read that he is a neurosurgeon. I'll call his office today to verify. I haven't found anyone else.
  4. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    This is my third time to type this, and just as I think I'm about finished, I get knocked off. The Neurosurgeon might be a good one to go to since all the new research is pointing to the brain and neurotransmitters and spinal column and the amount of substance P fluid in the spinal column, plus lots more new stuff in that area.

    However, there is a really good doctor in Conway, too. Her name is Dr. Hendrix, and she is interested in researching and treating FMS and CFIDS, and autoimmune diseases. She has treated two of my friends and they both are really impressed with her. She helped one with FMS and hormones; the other one with FMS and dx'd her with the ever elusive Celiac disease. I would like to go to her myself, but they say she is very expensive, especially the first visit. If I knew she would cure me, though, it wouldn't make any difference what she charged.

    I will also check with my PCP and ask her for a
    reference in Little Rock. She's fairly new here and knows
    the good doctors in the hospitals in Little Rock where she

    As far as driving time, Little Rock would be your best bet for getting really good specialists. I think I would start there. I'll try to find out which hospitals' professional buildings would be the best for doctors who treat our kinds of illnesses.

    I'll check back for you tomorrow around noon. It takes me that long to get my medicine, wait an hour, take another med, wait 30 minutes, eat breakfast, take a.m. meds, clean myself up, eat lunch, take noon meds; get on computer; wait two hours, take p.m. meds, (all the while drinking tons of water); stay on computer, maybe turn on T.V. and check my mail; take p.m. pain pill; drink shake for dinner; wait couple of hours, take evening meds. Get on computer, talk on phone to mother and friend, take care of odds and ends; computer until bedtime. Take bedtime meds and hope I can go to sleep. Yikes!!!!

    Keep us bumped up! Okay?

  5. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    My brother lives in Conway-he is a flight nurse and his wife is a nurse in the ER there-I'll check with him too about that lady doc. I don't tell my family too much because I don't think they believe me. My husband does thank God, but I know the others think I'm nutty! I really do appreciate your help-adding anything to the "schedule" seems to take so much effort. Maybe we'll find out something that will help us all!
  6. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Skip the Dr Adametz thing-I called his office-he does not treat FMS. The lady doc in Conway is Betsy Hendricks-she's an MD with a degree in naturopathy-she's got a web site.
  7. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    ,I checked with a lady, Terri, here in Clarksville who has FMS and has been going to a doctor in Little Rock who has really helped her. His name is Dr. John Presley Jackson, Dr. of Internal Medicine,located at Little Rock Diagnostic Ctr. The Diagnostic Center is located near the Baptist Hospital.

    Teri said he spent an hour with her the first visit. He
    gave her a physical and consultation, and he ordered a Sleep Clinic and Nerve conduction test. I'm not sure if
    the two are combined or not.

    He also put her on Nortriptyline, AmbienCR, and if they don't work well, he will start her on Lunistra. She had
    heard that he works quite a lot with FMS patients, and she
    said he was really very nice and she liked him a lot. As far as getting a referral--I don't know. I didn't think
    to ask her, but you can ask when you call.

    I sure hope this is helpful.

    If there is anything else I can do for you, please don't
    hesistate to ask me. I'd be more than happy to help you
    anyway I can.


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