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    I have had pain in my hands and wrists over the years, but it has never been like this. I can feel the median tendon from my fingers up into my shoulder. Bending my elbow makes it feel like the tendon could blow. Am taking aleve and resting the arm. Anyone else have this problem? Any good treatments?
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    when I was first diagnosed in March 2003. I was also diagnosed with tendonitis of the elbow and shoulder of the arm in which it was worse. At that time I started several medications and it has eased up a lot but, I still feel it sometimes. I'm sorry I'm not much help but, wanted you to know you aren't alone. Oh, I also used to get a tendon or ligiment or something that would "bulge" out and pulse just below my elbow but, that has also gone away. I'm hope your doctor is able to get it taken care of for you.

  3. Deanna S.

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    I don't know if what I have experienced recently is the same thing, but I have in the last few months had numbness and pain in both arms with my neck and shoulders begging for mercy! The pain and numbness got so bad it would wake me up out of a sound sleep. (Just when I started to sleep better too!)

    I told my doctor and she sent me for an MRI and found that I have multiple disc bulges and spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal cord housing). Any repetitive motion leaves me in agony for days, unable to use my arms for any length of time. Sleep is a challenge any more as I can't lie on my back due to the same thing in my lumbar region. I thought for the longest time I just kept "sleeping the wrong way" until my hands would go numb holding a phone or writing with a pen!
    I chalked it up to the FM also, which I am sure is a big part of this whole ordeal.
    I would talk to Doctor, rule out tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, if they show negative then have your neck checked out. I take pain meds but with very little relief (I am on Lorcet every 6hrs). The only other thing that helps is heat packs and resting the limbs as much as possible. (very difficult to do at times!)
    Hope I didn't bore you, and hope this helps. Good luck to you, my prayers are with you.

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    A couple months ago i had such awful pain in my arm & elbow it was really nasty & hurt so much.
    I ignored it at first then when to see my doctor who dx tennis elbow.
    He put me on anti-infamms but they did"nt help so i had an injection in my elbow,it hurt bad for a day or two but then the pain went right away it was great.
    I still get some days when pain in my arm is really bad but i grit my teeth & get on with things.
    Gentle Hugs sharon dawber