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    I know many here have thyroid issues and many take synthroid and personally Syn NEVER did me good....I take Armour and have since 2002...changed my life.

    Now some on these boards probably have a hard time finding an MD in their area who will work with Armour and it seems probably 95% endos prescribe only Syn.....I went to one endo and he pushed Syn on me cause he didn't want me on Armour....I tried Syn for a little while and was falling over with fatigue, anyway, that was me. I wrote him a strong letter....

    Thank goodness my area has a lot of Armour MD's.....

    Anyway, on another board a person suggested calling around to pharmacies in your area and ask for name(s) of MD's who prescribe Armour.....This Could work....jam
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    I take generic Synthroid. But my Medicare Advantage HMO has Armour as a prescription drug for 2013 that they will prescribe. So anyone can also check their own plans to see if they have Armour in the prescription formulary for 2013.