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    Has anyone tried Armour?

    My doc prescribed it even though my thyroid tests are all normal. I started it last Monday and by Saturday I was feeling much worse than when I started. Yesterday was horrendous. My feet feel as if the arches are splitting, my rotator cuffs feel as if they will tear when I lift 3 pounds, my knees hurt, my elbows hurt, etc. I was feeling pretty bad before the armour, thats why I thought I would give it a try. I think its making me worse.

    Doc also wants me to take testosterone even though my total testosterone is mid range. My free T is at the very low end of the normal range so he wants to get it up to the high end of the range. Anyone (especially the guys) with experience with Testosterone replacement.

    Any others with experience in either of these areas.
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    I'm a guy and I've been on testosterone replacement (among other hormones) for about 4 months. It's been great. My T levels were also at the very bottom of the range and I responded immediately to the testosterone. I'm in my early 40's and that's when our levels really start to drop. Mine I think went off a cliff, so getting the extra T has been great.

    I started with 100mg/ml cream once a day in the morning, but now I'm on 200mg/ml. Still might have to go a bit higher but for now it's working great. Also, the cream I have has 100mg/ml Chrysin mixed in with it. This is important only if you male. What the Chrysin does it prevent the T from converting to Estrogen. Males, don't want too much Estrogen although we do need a little, so it's important to get your Estradiol levels checked occasionly as well.

    Another thing is stay away from injecting T. You'll have too many ups and downs, and don't do the oral version either because it's too hard on the liver.

    The only negative side effect that I've seen so far is that you'll have a tendency to get acne on your back. I've started using an Acne wash in the morning in the shower but I just started a couple of day's ago so can't really tell you if it's working.

    As far as Thyroid hormones, if the Armour doesn't work you might want to try straight T3 (Cytomel). Armour has T4 with a little T3 and isn't suitable for some people. I'm on a timed release T3 and it works well.

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    Wouldn't give either one up for anything. Started both of these, plus several other hormones last October. The treatment has made a huge difference.

    I don't take Armour but compounded T3. I understand it is very difficult for the manufacturer of Armour to regulate potency ... may be different from batch to batch and pill to pill. Also, I only needed T3 .... Armour has other thyroid components that I didn't need to add.

    I don't know about your symptoms .... I wish I could help there. I know thyroid dosing is very sensitive .... It might take a while for you to hit the dose you need.

    I just recently got my T3 where it works for me ... Fingers crossed .... I didn't feel better right away ... but I did feel more alert and human. Ask if you can try compounded thyroid medicine .... that way you'll get only what you need, at the predictable dose.

    Testosterone is not only for men ... weman love it too! If I had a dime for every female who said she would never try it because she didn't want to grow a beard I would be very rich indeed. .... Take us all out on the town!!

    My testing showed next to no free testosterone and the total was lower then just about everybody.

    If our muscles hurt and tear and wear down and we don't have testosterone to make new, then well, we're in trouble. I give myself an inj 1xw and it has made a world of difference in sense of well being, able to go much longer without hitting fibro muscle fatigue, libido is wonderful and I'm stronger ... No, I don't look like Arnold S. .... Still in a size 4, just healthier.

    I would so give it a shot ... no pun intended. Even my Mother ... who is past menopause goes in for her "estrogen" shot and she finally asked them if there was something else in it besides E. because she always felt soooo good afterwards .... It's mixed with testosterone.

    Good luck with this. I cannot say enough positive things about fixing the HPA axis as one of the four main things to treat when working with fibromyalgia.

    Take care,