Armour Thyroid shortage

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    I take (or used to take!) Armour thyroid. It's not available these days, hope it will be again. I'm wondering if anyone else has found a substitute for it? There are few thyroid meds out there that contain T3 AND T4. According to what I've read, people with fibro often have trouble converting the T4 into T3, so a med with only T4 won't help.

    My doctor is looking for a substitute for me and several other of her patients who take it. She hopes to have an answer by this week. Good thing, because by the middle of next week I will have no more thyroid pills.
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    This is Mary Shomon's site. There is detailed info on the Armour's Thyroid shortage.
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    good information on that site. I wish Armour had given more warning about this unavailability of their product line.
  4. BethM

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    hopefully we will all have a solution soon. I'll look into the meds you mentioned, tell my doctor about them, too. thanks!
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    I wouldn't recommend it, since we're all different, but I switched to Levothyroxine. It has gotten rid of all swelling and pain from my thyroid and my glands in my throat are not swollen now.

    I have zero energy, and that's a big reason I wouldn't recommend it. But if you have to take something, it is better to have some thyroid hormone than none at this point. I seem to be tolerating it pretty well. But it does nothing for energy or weight loss. The weight is not coming off with it.
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    Call RX Co. pharmacy - (800) 323-3873. They have an alternate product, I believe it's called Westhroid (or Nature-throid), cannot remember. Anyways, it's very similar to Armour. It's sold in grains, as opposed to milligrams. One grain equals roughly 60 milligrams. I think they sell it in 2 grain doses, which of course would equal 120 milligrams, so you may have to cut the pills.

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    I rec'd this email last week. Haven't verified accuracy.
    Best wishes.

    >>>ERFA now owns the rights to the old Parke-Davis Thyroid in Canada. Folks who have used it say that it is similar to the old Armour: sweet and easy dissolving.

    ERFA has made arrangements with the FDA for folks in the USA to be able to buy it from the manufacturer legally. They have 30 mg, 60 mg and 125 mg which is equivalent to Armour 120 mg. It is dispensed in bottles of 100 and 500. Have your doc write for increments of those amounts.

    Scroll down for ordering info. On the FDA form 1572, your doc only needs to fill in his name and address and sign it. Leave the rest blank. You can fax or email the Rx and document yourself.>>>

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    Thanks SnooZQ and everyone for the information.

    I've been reading Mary Shomon's website at I followed the suggestions on the website and asked my doctor to write a prescription for the appropriate number of grains of "natural dessicated thyroid" and she sent it to a local compounding pharmacy.

    The local compounding pharmacy did still have some natural thyroid powder, so they were able to make me up some compounded capsules.

    At this point, I guess we have to think of places to try that not too many other people have thought of. It was just luck that the people in my town who take Armour have not made a run on that particular compounding pharmacy. But I don't know how many months my luck will hold out, so I need to find a permanent substitute for Armour.

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    It's getting closer when we'll all wish we had an alternative that works.

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    I'm going to make a separate post as well...

    From the above, I can see you've been discussing the huge shortage of Armour thyroid, "supposedly" due to a "shortage" of dessicated thyroids (how the heck can that be! there's still pork available at supermarkets!), but there are rumors that the FDA is involved. (it wouldn't surprise me!)

    Also, Forest Pharmaceuticals, the only producer, reformulated it sometime in 2009 without telling "why" OR "how". Anyone notice a difference? My husband takes it but stocked up over Christmas when we were in the states, so I'm guessing he has the 'old' formula.

    (BTW, the ONLY place that makes Armour is Forest, altho there are 2 other RX products by other companies, Westhyroid & Naturthroid, and most don't like them as well.) Forest refuses to talk 'live' to ANYONE whether they be media, doctors, etc. -- and if one calls, they refer you to their website where a 'pop-up' appears saying they are addressing it and are actually now making some shipments, but no other details).

    We also just talked to our pharmacist in the US as they compound drugs... he said indeed there is a huge shortage and he was compounding it while he could still get supplies, but he can't get them anymore himself.

    I know a LOT of people depend on it, synthroid doesn't work for so many I know, so just trying to spread the word.

    What you can do:

    Become a fan of "SAVE NATURAL THYROID" on Facebook if you're on it (do a 'search' there -

    also join:
    "...The Save Natural Thyroid Coalition is a patient-practitioner effort to protect thyroid patients' rights to natural desiccated thyroid drugslike Armour Thyroid, Nature-Throid and .."

    And from MARY SHOMON (well known for writing about nat'l thyroid replacement etc):
    Does Forest Really Want to Save Natural Thyroid?
    "After posting about the questionable information Forest is putting out about Thyrolar, I've heard from patients who have said that maybe it's a hornet's nest, and better we just ..."

    ANd maybe we should all write our senators and congress people!

    BTW, does anyone know what Thyrolar is anyway? I think it's synthetic T3 & T4, not sure.

    all the best

    PS I'm reallly confused now, I clicked on 'thyroid' forum and posted, looked and saw I'd made 2 posts, and deleted the first (my original) --

    and THEN realized I was still on the ME/CF/FM board. This is TOO CONFUSING!!!!

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