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  1. street129

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    What is armour use for, i want to know if its for thyroid therapy, if it is, i want to asked my dr. to put me on this, instead of the bio-idential T3. Which seen scary to me, also i have to get a bone density test first before using this treatment.
    ANY one has the meaning of using ARMOUR..................THANKS FAM.
  2. cynicaldog

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    Armour is made from the thyroid glands of pigs, I believe, and contains both T3 and T4. Cytomel and Synthroid are synthetic versions of the hormones -- Cytomel is T3, and Synthroid is T4. In other words, Armour's hormones come from an actual thyroid gland, and the others are copies of the hormones which are made in a lab. I take a generic version of Synthroid, as well as actual Cytomel, and do fine. Many other people seem to feel they do better on Armour. People who are vegetarian or vegan often avoid Armour because it's made from an animal, and they feel it's akin to eating meat or wearing leather.

    I really don't think the synthetic versions are anything to be afraid of. It just comes down to what works best for your body.
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    Some people feel fine on T4 only drugs like Synthroid and the generics, some people need a little T3 with their T4 and feel better on Armour. Some people like to customize the amounts by trying Synthroid and Cytomel. Usually your Dr. will start you on T4 only meds and get your number into the mid to high normal range. If your symptoms aren't better, they can try switching you to Armour and see how it effects you. Or messing around with different T4/T3 combos... or at least thats what mine did..

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    also has T1 and T2, of which we know little.

    As someone who has had the thyroid removed, and and tried many combos of synthetic and natural replacements, I agree that it is up to the individual. I am currently on timed released t3 only for almost a year, since my reverse t3 levels were a bit high. I am going to request going back to Armour. But again, we are all different. Nice to have a doc who works with you and how you FEEL not just bloodwork.
  5. street129

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    I really dont understand my thyroid lab test.........but here goes, word for word.

    thyroid peroxidase range..10 reference range...[35-IU/mL]

    T4, range....1.5 reference...........[0.8-1.8]

    TSH, 3RD range....1.47 reference............[mIU/L]

    > or = 20 years: 0.40-4.50

    FIRST TRIMESTER 0.20-4.70
    SECOND TRIMESTER 0.30-4.10
    THIRD TRIMESTER 0.40-2.70

    T3, range.....312 reference range.....[230-420] pg/dL

    my doctor said that this is to high......i don't know. is it a money thing. JAMINHEALTH, how would you read this.........its confusing to me.

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