Armpit pain and swelling

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rose38716, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. rose38716

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    Has anyone else experienced this.? I told my Doc the day he DX'd me with Fibro..They are still hurting..Hopefully I'll get to go to Dr. soon..Please let me know what this could be.....Thanks.Deb
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    Have him look for swollen lymph nodes. Wish I could tell you what to do, but I can't. I hope you get some relief soon. Teri
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    I too have had this over the years. It seems mine got worse the older I got.

    I go to an holistic nurse. She has me detoxing..but even more important I think...she has me on something called Lymphatic drainage. p

    She said that if you are toxic and/or detoxing .. you should take a lymphatic drainage. Its purpose is to move the lymph drainage along and keep it from getting stuck in the system so to speak.

    The lymphatic system is a worker..BUT it has no the heart does. So it needs some help. This drainage formula and some exercise really do help things get moving.

    Hope this helps some..and yes..I do believe it has helped me. Sherry
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    I thought I had cancer or something, I was awoken in the night with pain in my armpit, I went to 3 doctors, all said it was caused by using spray deodorant, caused infected sweat glands. I switched to roll on, haven't had it since.
  5. CPO

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    I have the same type of pain and swelling. It is just another condition that goes along with having fibromyalgia. Please be prepared to experience even more things happen to your body because once diagnosed with fibro there is no stopping your immune system for getting out of control. I know, I've had fibro since the early 90's.
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    The suggestion above that the lyph system needs help with detox is a good toxins leave our body, often many of us, also encounter various breakouts etc. Now, under our arms most of us roll on a deoderant making a shield for odor- causing-bacteria to not be let out...trapping what needs to come out. All the usual deoderants contain aluminum, also not good for us. Better to use a natural deoderant or a stone (health food stores all carry these).
    What is a great help when you have a flare of this lymphatic pain under your arms is to soak the underarms with epsom salt solutions several times a day...also helps pull the toxins out of there. Hope this helps...yes with these illnesses our immune system does wierd things , doesn't mean we should just suffer with them, though. You said you have just been Dxed...please continue to post problem symptoms such as these as there are many many people on here that can offer great ways to deal with them. Knowledge is power and remember there is always more to know and find out. Don't become discouraged and think that "it is just Fibro and I have to suffer and there is more to come". I wish you the best... Rebel
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    You have gained some insights from others that have helped me as well. I was told that the swollen and painful armpits were an extension of some sort of benign cysts which had developed in my breast tissue....

    Naturally due to the out of control immune system....yada yada yada....I changed from spray to roll on and didn't see a major difference. Stress, a flare or other illness seems to make it worse, and a low grade fever also accompanies the swelling.... Think I'll try the epsom salts next time, but the confirmation of mine came from my last breast exam. Good luck to you.
  8. judywhit

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    all great suggestions here but everyone failed to mention getting a mamo. I have swelling under arm and I have had it ultrasounded and have had a mamo. I have a swollen lymph node under arm. It would be unwise to ignore this.
  9. rose38716

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    I finally get to go to clinic next week so he'll get to hear all of my fibro symptoms...I'll see what i can do until then..I will try everything I've been hearing..God Bless ...Deb
  10. ChiaPet

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    Ive had FMS sinse I was 18.I am now 27.Ive ALWAYS had swollen armpits.I couldnt tell if it was the Fibro or not because Ive read tons of articles and it was never mentioned.Im going to try the salt and mamo ideas because today they are awful.I feel like I have a tennis ball in each armpit.Its a very uncomfortable feeling.Thanks for the info!
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    I have had sore armpits for about 3 years now. I don't know what it's from but I've also had frozen shoulder in one arm or the other for about 3 years. For some reason it seems that my muscles are getting stiff and inflexible. The sore armpits are not lumps but does appear swollen. Glad to hear I'm not alone.
  12. rose38716

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    Mrcpvls yea I get it in the shoulders also,I hope that isnt goin to act up too I also have bursitis(and fm)in and around both hips the pain goes down to my knees.I can barely walk today..thanks for the info..Deb
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    I have had tenderness and some swelling in the armpits since I was 20. I don`t know if it is from the Fm or not. I had a holistic healer tell me some of my lymph glands were blocked up. She tried a few things but it never did help. A doctor told me we have breast tissue going over under our arm pits and when we gain weight, we can see a fullness there.

    Best wishes,
  15. lin21

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    I'm going through this right now and I'm going to have mammogram done in a few weeks but more importantly I'm seeing my gyno too. I read about the lymph nodes on here , it's always something new with this DD>
    I'll keep you posted.
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    Doctor says to never put deodorant on right after shaving the armpits...this can cause irritation and swollen lymph nodes also. I massage my armpit helps. Love, Hippen
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    I thought I was crazy! The first time this happened, I saw my gyno a few days after it started, and she thought it was some kind of infection. I then started having all my CFS symptoms, and mentioned it to my GP. He kept telling me he didn't feel anything. I couldn't understand it, because I would look under my arm and I could see a lump.... (Looks like the size of a jawbreaker or fireball-- both kinds of candy).

    I got really worried when it moved from the right underarm to my left underarm. It hurts no matter what I do... Mine seems to come and go. When I have it, it stays about a week. I think there is a relationship between when my underarm swells, and what I would consider a "flare" for me. I get really tired and start to feel really bad right after it happens. I would say that since May, I've had four or five flares, each lasting anywhere from two months to a week. The thing that really scares me, is that the first time, I had a few weeks where I had no symptoms. But, this last "flare" only lasted about two days. I feel like things are coming on faster and harder, and that really frightens me..

    I had never thought of the Epsom salts. That makes sense to me, and I will try that next time.