Arms feel like I've had multiple flu shots?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kytriplets, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. kytriplets

    kytriplets New Member

    I'm just starting on my journey to figure out what is happening to me. My Dr. suspects FM.

    In addition to the pain in the typical trigger points, I have weakness in my arms. It feels as though I've had multiple flu shots in both arms.

    Does anyone else feel this way? I haven't found anything like this mentioned in the FM books I've looked at.

  2. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Are you talking about needle like pricks in your arm?Now the and pain in arms is common,sad to say.But anytime you have weakness in your arms I think you should get it checked when you can.I hope your day gets better.

    By the way....Good Morning!

  3. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    My FM started off in my arms and shoulders. The weakness and pain made doing my job very difficult. I no longer work now, because the pain is a constant and has moved through out my body.

    When this first started I thought it was tendinitus or tenis elbow. So I tried to limit tasks that involved all lot of arm movement. This did not help though, ther are not many things you can do without using your hands and arms.

    After a month of all kinds of testing and the systems spreading they dx me with FM

    It's not any easy thing to live with when your arms are hurting all the time. Very difficult to do anything when you have problems holding on to things.

    Hopefully this is not the case for you though.

  4. jana15

    jana15 New Member

    My hands and arms are particularly bad at the moment but it is something that tends to come and go. When it's bad I can't drive or cook - sooo frustrating as I become totally dependent but it does pass after a few weeks and yes it feels like I've had flu shots or the nasty ones needed for traveling in Asia.

    Hope this helps

    Cheers Jana

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