arms hands and sometimes leg/foot fall asleep before i do.

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    Anyone care to give opion on this...I am 40 and have FMS,CFS,IBS,neuropathy,GERDS..ect..the list gets bigger everyday I think.YUK
    EverytimeI lay down on my bed or kick back in the recliner withing 10 miutes at the tops my arms and hands are asleep on me not just the pin sticking feelin but literally numb.If I lay down on my right side my left side aches badly if I lay on my left my right side aches badly,but no matter how I lay even on my back the numbing feeling appears.Sometimes I keep feeling because i feel like i have no fingers on most of my hand, you know everytime you turn around there is always something added to list of problems every since the FBS and CFS kicked in full force a year and a half ago which I have had for 4 years.Do I dare tell the dr of this or is it nothing...I hate complaining.ADVICE ANYONE?
    Gentle hugs everyone
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    I have back problems also I have had two neck surgeries the last one a year and a half ago and had a metal plate inserted in my neck, after this is when my FBS and CFS and all else when into the fullblown mode.But the problem with everything else falling to sleep vefore I has only been since end of November after I had more surgery and I am sure they kind of muniptilated my neck to insert breathing tube, plus I get head aches every day also. Thanks for your reply.
    Gentle Huggs