Arms hurt badly. What to do.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Are your arms hurting as much as mine? Mine are killing me. It seems they hurt more everyday. It used to be just my right one but now my left has started. Monday I took my niece shopping before she went back to Texas and I had worked the night before and I never go out of town after getting off work but she was leaving and I wanted to take her and get her more for Xmas so we went out of town. Needless to say when I go without sleep I'm no good after a few hours but both my arms were just killing me like I was holding 50 lbs on each one. They hurt from the shoulder on down. Guess it's part of the FM and just getting worse.

    I finally decided I would try something different. Went to dr and ask for elavil and ultram. Going to get it filled tomorrow and stop the zoloft. She also gave me neurotin to try but I'm such a chicken when it comes to new drugs.Hoping the elavil will help me sleep better. The pharmacist told me to take the elavil and neurotin together at bedtime but I'm not sure about that. What has been your experience with these and have you taken them together?

    The elavil is only 25mg and neurontin 100mg. Figured I'd take the ultram when hurting real bad. What do ya think?

    Take care,Keke
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  3. Dayo

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    Yes my arms are hurting. My left one was hurting allot for a month so I went to the Doctor,and she said I had frozen shoulder. I got a cortazone shot. It felf better for about 3 week and now it is back. So maybe it is my fibro. I don't know. You should get it checked out or see. Maybe it is not your fibro. Take Care of your self. How much Ultrem do you take. I take 50 mg every 6 hr. It does not hold the pain away. Do you think I should take more?. I do take 2 tabs if I am in a flare.Hugs!!! Dayo
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    The only way I could describe it is to say it always feels like the flu. The always feel weak and my muscles hurt so badly its hard to raise them or move them at all. I had a pain shot in one arm, and a cortisone shot in the other on on Tuesday. Just getting these shots has thrown my whole body in a flare. Now everything hurts. Legs, shoulders, hips, buttocks.. And many more you probably don't want to hear about. I hope you feel better soon. I would try the Ultram when you're hurting so severly. You could call your local pharmacy just to verify its ok.
    Feel better soon,
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    I used to have real bad pain in left arm, It was scary, I went to the doctor, and he said I had carpal tunnel syndrome, I did not really belive it , but he told me to were a brace at night. I did and it helped, but now my arms will hurt all the way to the shoulders if I over work them. For example: At my job we had to rearrange our file room and move around thousands of files, I did this all day appx 7 hours of moving and lifting, the next day my arms hurt so bad I had to miss work because there was still more moving of files and there was no way that I was going to be able to move my arms. Another time was after a camping trip, loading and unloading the car a couple time over the weekend made my shoulder hurt so bad I ended up in tears for days and at the ER where they eventually gave me a cortisone shot. It did ease the pain. I just have to be careful and not overdo it.
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    Sorry you have the same problem I do. My right arm is much worse than my left. I pray the left doesn't get like the right. My neck and shoulder blades also hurt. My doctor said the neck area is the most difficult to treat in FMS. He put me on Lyrica which is supposed to help with the aching pain and stiffness, but it's been several weeks and so relief so far. I also had physical therapy and religiously do my stretches every day, but no relief.

    I wish I had more to offer you. You might try the Lyrica and see if it helps you. I am also on Kadian 20 mg. twice a day (morphine), but that doesn't help the achey pain, just the sharp, shooting pains.


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