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    I was having a good day. Took my daughter to the St Patricks Parade and we were having a wonderful time. Right in the middle of it my heart just went haywire. Beating erratic and seemed slow and then fast. I almost blacked out. It passed in about 10 seconds and then I was fine though my mood was very down and I could enjoy nothing. I am very afraid and sad.
    I have been unwell for 15 years. I have autonomic problems with my BP dropping when i stand and I have had arrhythmias on and off through this whole time. I have had about 5 severe arrhythmias (like todays) in this time. I have been through EP studies and holter monitors all to no avail.

    Anyway........ anyone else go through this? I need some support here......
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    I have had arrythmia probs for many years and know how you feel when that happens. About 2 1/2 years ago was diagnosed with MVP. Some Drs and specialists I have seen since don't accept that diagnosis, but I have 2 videos from the heart specialist which he asked me to keep safe for future comparison as he expected me to have had to have valve surgery by now.I take Tenormin twice daily to keep the heart beating regularly, but even that doesn't hold it at times. I know how you feel when it happens. It can be quite unsettling at any time let alone when you are out. Love Ozgran.
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    I thankfully don't have any problems like that but just wanted to reply so you'll know I'm here for you.I can't give you any advice but I can listen.On Sundays it seems like there aren't a lot of people here but maybe tomorrow someone can reply that can help you.(((((hugs))))) bejo
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    I've gotten behind on these posts and am glad I saw yours. The way you describe your symptoms sounds like a heart problem I used to have. I had my first episode when I was 16 (am 44 now). Like yours, it came on very suddenly. I was given an EKG and it showed my heart was fine. For many years I only had an occasional problem (like every few months). Sometimes these episodes would last for a few seconds and sometimes an hour or more. Like you, I would feel like I was going to black out, but never did.

    To make a long story short, I began having episodes several times a week and it was determined that I had a defect of the electrical system of my heart. I wore a halter monitor for a month, but was unable to catch a long enough episode. They needed to know what area of the heart was defective so they needed to see what my heart was doing while it was actually doing the palpitations. Well, finally I had a long episode. My husband drove me to the hospital (fortunately we live close) and they caught it!

    It will be two years this coming Sept. that I had the surgery. I wasn't put under for it, but was given something to help me relax. They inserted a laser wire into a vein on my leg and burned the defective areas of my heart. The recovery time was very quick. I was sore and extra tired for several days afterward. I still have times when my heart will beat fast or irregular for a few seconds, but I don't feel lightheaded any more. My heart doctor said that was normal. It doesn't happen too often.

    Anyway, thought I would tell you my story in hopes it helps you.