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  1. IngaDinga

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    I was having a good day. Took my daughter to the St Patricks Parade and we were having a wonderful time. Right in the middle of it my heart just went haywire. Beating erratic and seemed slow and then fast. I almost blacked out. It passed in about 10 seconds and then I was fine though my mood was very down and I could enjoy nothing. I am very afraid and sad.
    I have been unwell for 15 years. I have autonomic problems with my BP dropping when i stand and I have had arrhythmias on and off through this whole time. I have had about 5 severe arrhythmias (like todays) in this time. I have been through EP studies and holter monitors all to no avail.

    Anyway........ anyone else go through this?

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    Last week I had this 1 day off and on all day. It is a part of dysautonomia. System is under great stress being stuck in the flight or fright. I get it alot when I lay down which is when our system is trying to equalize out but can`t just from change in position. As I mentioned to you it is complicated and not sure how much they know yet. It is scary. I always wonder if the lyme is affecting the heart which is common. How have your appts. been? I did doxy and am still ill.. But did not get I.V. to start I was sick on treatment. Now none of my doc`s address this. Do not have any on my list to help. Sort of in limbo. Hope Iyou get the help you need. Thinking of you. Sweet Hugsss...

    I have not been well at all...
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    I just started the IV Lyme treatment last week and could possibly be feeling worse due to that. I just don't know. I have an appoimtment with my cardiologist next month. But honestly they have tested me upside down and sideways already and not found much. I have never worn a holter monitor when was having an 'episode' though so..... who knows?

    I also have an appointment coming up in June with a doc that specializes in Dysautonomia. Maybe he will understand mysituation better?

    Thinking of you.
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    I passed my stress test with flying colors, so I try not to let it worry me. As I've improved my overall health, they have been fewer and farther in between.

    Love, Mikie
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    The things that have helped the most are:
    1. avoid crowded and noisy places (like parades) as much as possible, as the overstimulation can trigger the attacks.
    2. Take at least 60 mgs. COQ10 every morning with a little fat.
    3. Take at least 350 mgs. Magnesium every evening.
    4. Drink at least a quart of H20 daily for every 50 lbs. you weigh.
    5. use salt liberally.
    6. Eat a high protein/low carb diet to minimize attacks of hypoglycemia, which make this worse and can even cause it.
    7.If you do all of the above and still have a lot of problems, ask your doctor about taking Florinef. (You cannot take it if you have high blood pressure).
    I empathize with you,