Arrrrgh! Can't help myself (replying to forwards)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Juloo, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Juloo

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    I have a friend that doesn't email. At least, she doesn't email anything personal. Well, maybe twice a year. But once or twice a week she forwards a good handful of stuff other people have forwarded to her. Jokes, cute pictures, political commentary...etc. I always open them (just in case she has written something personal at the top), but 99% of the time, nothing.

    I'm okay with the jokes and cute pictures, but the political commentary drives me up a wall. And it's not necessarily the comments, but the fact that the comments have not been fact-checked, so things that are attributed to someone are more-often-then-not just flat out made up or twisted as to become lies. Who cares, right? I know I should just let it go.

    But it BUGS me. Telling her to stop the commentary hasn't worked in the past -- she apparently has trouble telling what is 'commentary' from 'inspiration'. But the last couple of things she sent, I just couldn't help myself. I fact checked, then returned them with corrections. In red.

    You know what? I think all she looked at was the subject line. Because not five minutes later, I got a (personal) email back from her saying, "Oh! I got that from someone else, too, this morning...but I didn't forward it to you because we've never really discussed politics." Hel-LO! I'm returning YOUR email!

    I know. I need to let it go.

    But it irritates me that people pass stuff like this around and are ignorant of the consequences of forwarding blind, without really understanding the content and if it is valid.

  2. rockgor

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    We must be separated twins. I feel exactly the same way.

  3. victoria

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    me too.

    Juloo, I'll bet by the time this thread ends, we'll find we're at least separated octo-siblings... and you have a way bigger family than you thought, LOL.

    I'm guessing tho that you're on her "group email" of friends, and she doesn't even realize "what" she's sending to "whom".

    Maybe you should call her (best) or email her (next best) to just say you're not up to getting everything except for personal (& maybe funny) stuff. People have asked me... and I've asked others... there's no offense usually taken (or never, from what I can tell).

    all the best,

  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    And these people that forward all that e-mail "junk mail" don't realize it may contain viruses and other bad stuff that isn't good for the computers of others. It may have already infected their own computer because they probably don't update and run any virus or other protection, and they're sending it and then you opening it can infect your computer.

    I have gotten so that this forwarded stuff from certain people, I immediately DELETE IT without opening and get it off my computer. Then I run my Adware and make sure I run my virus protection immediately--as if to delouse my computer. It is so frustrating.
  5. kjade

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    I know what you mean......I hate those too. Such a waste of time. I especially hate the ones that tell me I must forward to 12 friends in 20 minutes, and I will get a call telling me I won a large sum of money (or some other such nonsense!) First of all, I don't have 12 friends to forward to who would not get angry about it. I have a co-worker/friend who actually YELLS at me if I forward one of those to her, because she actually is afraid I am sending her bad luck because she doesn't have enough friends to pass the email along to.

    I have a relative who sends tons of thes political -type emails, and she has her email set up so that when I click on it, I get a pop-up that asks if I want to send a reply to the sender that I opened her email.....drives me CRAZY! And I don't even know if she realizes that I generally do not even agree with the policital stuff she sends.

    The "delete" key is definitely my friend. LOL
  6. jole

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    I agree! I delete them before opening also. There are certain people who always send them...and if they send a personal message with them, I guess they'll call if they really want an answer!

    But I do open my brothers. He has the funniest jokes!! And he has a "no-talk" policy when it comes to politics.

    Kjade, I agree those "send on or else" ones are the worst, which is why I no longer read any of them but my brothers. Do people actually believe in that stuff???? How immature!
  7. Juloo

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    Yep, I knew when I was doing it that it was a waste of my energy. But it was really funny to find out that she didn't even read it! So I sure as heck don't feel bad about deleting now.

    Strangely, I have actually received 2 personal e-mails in the last day from this person -- so something came out of it after all!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one...!
  8. nah.stacey

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    I'm generally too tired, too miserable or both to even go through my email let alone those *@%*(&^%&^ stupid forwards that your "friends" send you that I finally just quit using email.

    So after getting scolded from my mother often enough I set up a separate email for people who need to tell me something or give me REAL information I need. It's been working great. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder to them NOT to send FRWD's, Just send it back titled: No FRWD's Please. Sounds official and doesn't hurt mom's feelings.

    My hubby and I have an email we've had for a decade and they can send FRWDs there if they are that funny or just can't help themselves but if you want me to get it, really get it, send your message the the new email.

  9. Janalynn

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    Let's talk about email pet peeves in general......... Yes I hate the continuous forwards - especially when there are attachments. I don't open them either! I have a friend (only met her in person ONCE) who must have sent me 5 or 6 a day. I finally told her - NO MORE ATTACHMENTS please.

    My least favorite are a nice message that is ruined by "If you forward to 15 people, something good will happen in 15 minutes; 11 people, 4 hrs; 1 person, 3 weeks - nobody....well you're screwed.

    I also hate the forwards that show everyone else they've been forwarded to. You have to scroll down 3 feet to find the message. I always delete the previous "To:" when I do have to forward a message.

    Mentioning the political stuff without fact checking is funny - my Dad and I were just talking about that. He will forward me some things (which I don't mind), but he says he gets a lot that he doesn't forward because he doesn't know if they are fact. Smart man. Wish more would do that!

    Also - please put your subject matter in the subject line. I literally get 200 emails a day between work and home. When going back to search, it's quite time consuming.

    Okay...I'm done, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to vent. =)

    Great idea stacey - about setting up a different email account. Except I'd never check it if I stuck it in a hotmail or yahoo account. I already have 3 that come into my Outlook.