arsenic fed to chickens

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    That is insane! I will read the article now.


    just checked the link, I can't get it to work.
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    On right hand side.......down on the page click on to
    "food for chickens".

    article is there.......will make you sick and angry........Susan
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    for the info... frightening, scary, etc., etc.... nothing is safe to eat anymore!

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    I live in the chicken producing, growing area of Alabama.If your shocked about what they eat,let me tell you more.

    As already stated i live around where they have chicken houses.The fence in my backyard is probably 10 feet from my back porch.When the farmers clean out their chicken houses.

    They back up to the fence,turn on a rotation blower and send all that chicken debris in the air.They say it helps the fields,the chichen poop is cheap fertilizer.

    There is nothing we can do about this.We have to keep all windows and doors closed for days.The stink is bad.

    Now for the rest of the story. Farmers around here years ago would mix chicken poop in the feedfor calves because they would grow faster.So what ever is in the chicken is eventually in the calf.

    It was a small percentage to begin with then by the time a calf was ready to sell they were eating half chicken poop half regular feed.

    Calves were given growth hormones too.This made them grow faster, for a faster sell at the market.

    Now, cows give milk so guess what...if it's in the ckicken and the calf eats it, it's in your beautiful steak on your plate, and it's in that cold glass of milk you drink.

    Around here we feel like we eat it breath it and walk on it.

    I hate to live around these chicken houses.On summer days it is almost impossible to breath if the curtains are up on the houses.

    We all wonder why we are sick.DUH!atiledsner
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    Thank you. I think it's always better to be informed. The truth isn't always pretty,but, it's always the truth.