ART (Active Release Technique)

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    I've been seeing a chiro I've seen off and on over some years and he does the ART work...originally he's working on the IT band mess from hip replacement.....I see him every Friday for this work, and it's working, slowly but it's working to loose the TIGHT IT band damage from the surgery.

    When I saw him this last week, I had a very painful sore right shoulder, I have rotator cuff damage on both shoulders BUT never dx'd as such and don't want surgery, so I work with these as best
    I can with alternative protocols....

    I told him about the horrible pain and I could hardly drive my car over to him, so he moved
    my shoulder around and said Rotator Cuff mess with a build up of adhesions from probably 10
    yrs of this mess.....He did ART work on my shoulder and I could not believe how much
    better I feel, not much pain and can move the shoulder better....

    So anyone with rotator or other TIGHT muscle, nerve issues might want to look for a chiro
    who does this's pretty amazing....thank goodness this chiro does this advanced technique.
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    Jam - I'm so glad to hear how your chiro helped you. My sister had surgery because she had a lot of scar tissue from rotator cuff problems. First she had surgery because of a frozen shoulder, and then they didn't start PT soon enough and she developed a lot of scar tissue so had to have a second surgery for that - it was a mess. She's a lot better now, but went through a lot of pain and difficulty. The ART might have been able to help her. Do you use magnesium oil on your shoulder? It might help as well.

    Anyways, I'm very glad to hear about your chiropractor!

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    Mary, I'm sure MANY others with the shoulder issues I've dealt with for 10 yrs or so would opt for surgery, not this gal...I have a friend who has done 2 shoulder surgeries and still has pain.....

    This ART work is pretty incredible...I use mag oil on tougher skin parts but not on more tender parts of my body. It does irritate sometimes....I use Arnica Gel on my shoulders and neck area. jam