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    Hi SpartanJT & Sbilek,

    I hope you are all doing well!!!

    I started seeing my naturopath 2x a week for allergy clearings in December which were making a huge improvement in my health along with herbals from Dr. O for various parasites (bacteria, viruses, mildew, fungus, round worms, etc.) and also gearing up on nutritional deficiencies. I was starting to be able to drive to doctor's appointments if they were 15 or so minutes away (but it causes me to get ill afterward and not be able to function for a few days afterward). I was able to do a some cooking (it would take me 3 days to make a pot of stew but was finally able to cook a little). So I spent all my energy cooking & freezing some healthy food. Prior to this I wasn't able to do much so I'd use my energy to get on the board & research. In December I couldn't both do functional activity & get on the board. So I'm sorry I let you guys go for a while.

    Then December 23rd I had a Mantoux TB titer shot & it completely destroyed my health. I'm guessing that I reacted to some of the additives (formaldehyde, phenol, etc.). I had similar severe reactions to B12 shots last August. Anyway, it took over a month to start regaining some health as the shot left me bed and/or couch bound & hardly able to do self-care activities each day & in a much exacerbated condition.

    I was getting completely paralyzed...unable to move, open my eyes or speak. But in January, I was finally able to start "supertone" (an herbal liver detox from Dr. O). However, after being on it for awhile, my body couldn't handle it and it led to severe, severe 9+/10+ pain in my upper neck/shoulder & right elbow/triceps area for about 3 weeks. I couldn't do anything at all for weeks. I tried to get on here a few weeks ago and type & it left me exacerbated with severe pain the rest of the day. Anyway, I need to try to catch up on old posts one of these days now that my arm pain is mostly gone.

    I've noticed many amazing changes in my health since working with DR. I'll have to tell you more about them another day. One documented change is my pulse rate which has been 85-95 at rest for a number of years and consistently jumps up dramatically with very little physical exertion (standing up or washing some dishes)to 100-150. Recently, I've noticed that I can do more physically like carry a laundry basket down the stairs, etc. and my heart isn't palpitating really hard & my pulse rate isn't going up so severely. I've also noticed that in documenting my pulse rate that my resting pulse rate is down to 72-75 some mornings. Whoo hoo!

    I'm not getting the severe migraines from light/sound & I can turn some lights on in the house & watch TV with the sound ON now.

    My sleep is getting much better & I'm not waking up very much at night now even though I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple months ago. And this past week has been amazing b/c I'm only in bed 8-9 hours which is completely amazing as I've been in bed 12-18 hours for the past couple years.

    I haven't felt flu-like in over a month and I'm not waking up laying in bed feeling run over by a truck for 4-6 hours every morning.

    These are some major changes for me & I thought I'd share them. I'm waiting to have allergy clearing on mercury & amalgam allergies before I get my amalgams removed. I also need to be able to take Supertone or be able to chelate metals before I get them out as I've had severe effects from trying to do this so far. Too hard on my body at this point.

    How are you both doing??? Please fill me in on any new things you've been doing or any progress that you've made:)

    Have a great day!!!!!
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    Good to see you are back Monkeykat & good to hear that you are getting so many excellent improvements in your health.

    Sounds like the supplement for your liver is really making a difference. I have read & been told by several folks who are knowledgeable re detox, that the liver is the most important body organ involved in that process. If the liver is congested & the detox function is not working properly then anything else that we do will be very little help re health improvements.

    Also sounds like you've found some very good docs & other folks to help you. That to me, is the most important aspect of these DD' find good competent people who know how to help you.

    I know that things did not work out very well w/Dr Conley for you, but at least he got you into some things that hopefully got you on the right path. I'm curious if you've had any conversations or contact with him since last year?

    When you're ready to get the amalgams replaced, i'd be interested in knowing exactly what precautions your dentist will be taking to protect you during the process.

    As for my self ,i'm still seeing Dr Kavieff in West Bloomfield & currently i'm back on nystatin for the candida, still taking Primal Defense for the gut, & also the dhea/pregnenolone combo for the adrenals/hormones. Have also been religiously taking chlorella at 4 grams daily to help detox the heavy metals. So i'm hanging in there,,,getting small improvements too,,,over time.

    I've been in contact via private e-mail w/Sbilek & she has me very interested in what her CM can do via healing over the phone. May even give that a try & see what it can do for me. I'm open to any & all possibilities that may help me get better even sooner. I still battle the fatigue & brain stuff (i.e lightheadedness, fogginess....), but it certainly is better than it was last year, so i'm encouraged by that.

    That's enough for now.....reply when you can & keep in touch.

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    re your missing post you wrote to Spartan, that's been happening lately on the board. I just wrote a really long one here and I see it's disappeared, too.

    hope it comes back. I can't even remember what all I said, it was so long.

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    This Enzyme Solutions for candida does sound interesting.

    I've not only done the script meds route (nystatin,diflucan,sporanox) over the years, but have also treid many of the nutritional type candida treatments too. Eventually, if i don't stay on the yeast free/sugar free diet,,,,the candida does come back.

    I'd be interested in knowing what Denise thinks about having to stay on a "candida" diet & the probability of the candida coming back if one is not vigilant about what they eat & drink. If you could ask her about that,,,i'd appreciate or if you could post her phone # that would be great.

    Best of luck w/your cleanse & hope you're feeling better once you get through it.....keep in touch.


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    Monkeykat, Spartan,

    I guess the post I wrote last night that disappeared isn't going to come back, so will try to recreate it.

    Monkeykat, glad you're back. We missed you. I'd stay away
    from things like the Mantoux titer shot, if at all possible, vaccinations, flu shots, etc.

    Me, I've been continuing with the classes the CM is offering and finding it most interesting. The physics are definitely there re manifesting miracles, of course, with the help of God, Spirit, or whatever you'd like to call it.

    I still have a few minor aches and pains, definitely better with some of the healings the CM has done, significantly better in the emotion department. I've accomplished in six months with the CM what it would have taken me in ten more years of psychotherapy. Funny thing is, I don't see myself as any different, but everyone that knows me, especially my husband, says I'm a totally different person.

    I do know that I'm not suffering from the depression anymore. I'm sure that is mainly from the emotional healing, but I have to believe it's also from the two wayward spirits that were in my house that were evidently zapping my energy.

    I asked the CM to check my house one day, she found the two wayward souls and sent them to the light. Now, funny thing is is the very next day I noticed my energy level was really high and previous I would notice that I'd be outside, shopping or whatever, had pretty good energy and the minute I'd walk in the house my energy would plummet like unbelievable. I never thought that could be the reason but asked the CM next time I saw her and she explained that if there are spirits in your house they are drawing on your energy, big time.

    Some may think this is really goofy, but I've seen the CM 13 times now and just had the sixth class, and being associated with the other people in the class, half of whom have been into this type of thing much longer than I, and hearing their stories of miracles they've manifested, and messages they're receiving, and again, having her explain the physics behind everything she does, I know without a doubt this to be the truth and reality, not just supposition or suggestion.

    I'm still dealing with a very unstable spine due to an adjustment my D.O. did over a year ago that broke apart two bone spurs in my mid back, an area that does not want to seem to heal at this point.

    I'm going to have Wed. one of the girls that has been studying under the CM for three years now, is a Reiki master and has incorporated the CM teachings into her healings, but has mainly worked on animals so far, anyhow, I'm going to have her over Wed and see what she can do with this area of my spine. I'm thinking I'm going to do the exercises from the site Shinlee suggested, bodymindresources. Excellent site, by the way, if you guys haven't checked it out.

    I'm interested to see what is going to manifest.

    Will be seeing soon that chiropractor I've been waiting a year to see. I know he knows the CM, not sure what the total relationship is there, but will be interested to see what type of "things" he is going to do.

    Well, glad you're feeling better, Monkeykat, and sure hope you find the courage, Sp.JT to call that CM soon. I'm thinking it may be the best phone call you've ever made.
    Sometime our own fears are the biggest hurdles we have to cross.
    will keep my fingers crossed this posts this time !!
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    Hi MK - Lots of new & good info in your posts, so let me try to answer the questions you asked me.

    Re the Primal Defense, it's basically a probiotic,,,contains lots of good bacteria type organisms for your gut. Helps w/digestion, candida, detoxing,,,etc....

    Re the chlorella, I take something called yaeyama brand from Jarrow. This yaeyama is cultivated in a "pure" environment so that is does not absorb the metals/mercury normally found in water environs. I'm taking 4 grams religiously daily & i think it is helping.
    I've not done any IV chelating,,,esp w/dmps which is a poular chelator, due to it is very, very potent & can sometimes pull mercury out too fast for the detox organs of the body to handle. I've heard many horror stories about folks who used IV dmps & got sicker afterwards....slow & easy is the way for me.

    Re Bio Clean- up technology, you may want to check that website & see if there is a list of dentists that use their equipment,,,& then try to go to one of them.

    The dhea/pregnenolone combo is good for the adrenals/fatigue,,,i've not noticed a big bump in energy from it, but am continuing nonetheless.

    Hope i answered most of your questions....i'm not real swift at going back to your post to check the questions & sometimes i lose what i already wrote back !! & thanks for the info/phone # for Denise,,,i may give her a call re the candida treatment.

    Sbilek- i'm still pondering calling your CM & doing the phone talk...will let you know what happens when i do.

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    Re the medical intuitive, re CM, same thing, kind of yes, kind of no. There are several medical intuitives in the class. CM is working with one of her students right now she's been working with for past three years to enhance her medical intuitive capabilities.

    I'm signed up for a course at Inner Harmony in Strongsville, medical intuitive training by a really superb gal, it's in April sometime. Some of my friends already went, said it was awesome.

    Yes, I'd go back to the medical intuitive, Kathy, but first and foremost, listen to your own intuitive capabilities. They've done well for you so far. So if it doesn't feel right, don't do it, no matter what anyone tells you.

    Re the vaccines, don't listen to any doctor that tells you a vaccine will improve your immune system. That's so unbelievably untrue. Again, listen to your own self.

    Now, be prepared for it, as it's coming, again, been there, done it, now that you're feeling a little better and once you start feeling even better and better, you're going to be incredibly "angry" at all those doctors over the years that have taken your money and not helped you at all. You are going to realize, as I did, what a bunch of crock it is for someone to tell you there's nothing they can do for you but prescribe you pain pills and antidepressants and that there is no cure for us.

    It's coming, I can see it starting, so let the anger out, then get on with it. Repressed anger is really not good for us and dwelling on anger isn't either. It takes an immense amount of our energy. We need every ounce of energy we have for positive thinking and positive actions to make ourselves well.

    You are really making incredible progress !!! You should be extremely proud of yourself.

    More re medical intuitives, yes, it is absolutely possible for people to be medical intuitives. I used to think when I would meet someone like that it was a bunch of bull, I used to think that long distance muscle testing was a bunch of bull and that long distance healing was also in that major questionable area, boy, I've sure come a long way over this past year.

    Well, you take care of yourself, put you as top priority and listen to your gut, and don't be afraid to step more out of the box. But don't get any more vaccinations.

    SpartJT, you know what I think you should do.

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    Monkeykat, you have really got it together, mentally wise, and with your mental attitude I know that you are going to achieve much more healing.

    Re your comment about people hurting us and "its our choice whether to let them," boy, that is really, really powerful verbiage and very empowering !!!!! You have really unlocked some major keys in improving your health.

    You have to stick with Denise Rocco and trust her. She really understands the big picture and has an excellent regimen for helping people heal, in my opinion.

    As you start feeling better and better, some of the anger will subside re all these doctors over the years that fall into that category that we know what that category is.

    Thank God there are people like Denise Rocco and some of the doctors that I've seen that have been instrumental in saving my life, literally.

    Re my intuition, I'm blessed that God granted me tons of it. It has been the only thing that has saved me through the years, which according to the CM, I made it by the seat of my pants, literally, as far as surviving all the crap I've had to deal with in my life.

    The CM has been very interesting, I have to say. Has given me a whole new spin of how to view things and has really boosted my emotional well being.

    She says we choose our parents and situations that we face in this life before we're born, which has definitely given me a whole new way to look at things. I've gotten rid of a lot of karma in this life, so will be dealing with a lot of new things next time around, I'm sure.

    Medical intuitives, yes, most interesting. I'll let you guys know how the class goes. It's in April sometime.

    Inner Harmony, excellent group of people, Kathy, you should check it out sometime. I'll let you know how the medical intuitive class goes.

    You actually might want to think about getting into some Reiki training, Kathy, once you feel a little bit better and have some more energy. Maybe next year sometime.

    If you ever want to see the CM, Kathy, I think she would be able to help you emotionally heal. You have been really dealt with a lot in this life. Again, maybe next year sometime when you're feeling a lot better. And you will be!!!! I just know it. Boy, look at all the progress you're making. You are really an inspiration for a lot of people. You haven't put a post on the thread, "if you are getting well sign this thread," have you? You should, if you haven't, and you should start out with how you were feeling before you went to Denise Rocco.

    Well, got to run, again, so glad you're back on the board again.

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    Good to hear back from you again. The lady working w/you seems to be really helping you get well,,,,you are fortunate to have found her. keep up the good work.

    Re the Primal Defense, on the web i've gotten the best deals from Vitacost & another called Appleaday&beyond. I get the biggest size bottle 180 ct & take about 6 per day in two doses....good stuff.

    I've personally communicated via e-mail w/several folks who damaged kidneys &/or livers by taking dmps & were severly debilitated by that damage. My friend Ray in Arizona, who has given me so much advice over the years re amalgam detox, was himself badly hurt by taking dmps. That experience prompted him to spend lots of his own time % $$$ to research dmps, & amalgams & detox,,, that he is now one one the foremost experts on the science behind these issues.

    Ray told me from day one, to stay away from dmps always, & that the only chelator that he'd recommend would be small amounts of dmsa, which is a much milder chelator, but an effective one.Overall though, he's not big on any chelators, because they only tend to speed up the detox process somewhat, but the side effects tend to negate any benefits.

    So keep in touch, & let us know how you're progressing,,,i'll let you know when i call Denise. rigth now, i'm on nystatin for "gut" candida & will see at next doc visit how i'm doing w/that.

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    Glad to be able to help you out...If we don't help each other & share the knowledge, i don't see how any of us can get better.

    To get to your questions,,,first,,,re the chlorella, it is not a chelator per-say & it is definitely not a chemical chelator such as DMPS or DMSA. Chlorella is a natural food,,,like kelp, wheatgrass, etc.... I don't see how anything that is "natural" can hurt you. The thing to do,,,as it was recommended to me, is to start out w/a small dose & gradually work your dosage up. If you get any signs that you're de-toxing too fast or you're not reacting well, then back down the dose & start over.

    The key is to make sure that as the chlorella is pulling out the "bad" stuff that you're getting that stuff ALL the way out. So, your elimination system needs to be working well.If it's not, then you'll get re-absorption.

    Re the detox in general,,,,the Primal defense is something that would be helpful to start taking as it will help w/leaky gut(which will help the allergies), intestinal absorption, etc... If not PD, then some sort of good probiotic for the gut is a must.

    that's it for back when you can. have a good week.

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    Happy St Patty's to you too...I've got some Irish in my family way back myself.

    Your question re chlorella prompted me to touch base w/another of my e-m friends,,,the one who got me started on the chlorella in the first place.His opinion is similar to mine, but he is quite adamant that you really have to get thsoe amalgams to reap the full benefit of a detoxifying food like chlorella.

    That said, what you're doing now, going to consult w/experts who know about detox is absolutely the right thing to do. its always best to talk to experts on this stuff & they can also give you advice re the amalgam replacement too. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later,,,those amalgams must come out, but its a matter of timing it correctly. Its a bit tricky,,,but these docs you are going to see should be able to help w/that.

    Have a great weekend!!

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    Monkeykat, again, listen to your intuition, listen to your body. Herbals never agreed with me too much, either, doesn't mean they're not effective, very good for some people, but you are obviously detoxing too fast!!!

    Re, Denise, she's been excellent for you so far, but if your intuition is telling you that you're not comfortable with the herbals and detox, again, listen to your body.

    Re Dr. Guess, yes, it's a trek to go see him, I would definitely recommend you go to one of his free seminars, listen to what he has to say, ask him some questions, see what your comfort zone would be with him. Doesn't mean you'd have to continue seeing him for the rest of your life, but I do think he may be able to help you with helping your organs start to function a little better.

    Digestion is the key, the absolute key to improvement in our health. I think Dr. Guess is excellent in this regard. He will put you on Standard Process supplements, but the goal here is to improve your organs' functioning, liver, kidney, spleen, etc., so that they will work more efficiently and be able to start detoxing these toxins more effectively.

    Now, here is another angle here for you to consider. CM has told me that by healing people emotionally, then their bodies are less likely to "hold" onto these toxic substances. There is a correlation here between toxic feelings, toxic things that have happened to us in our past, and thus our bodies inability to detox these toxins if we're still holding onto toxic thoughts ourselves.

    Again, Monkeyket, examine your past, you have had a heck of a lot on your plate, more than most.

    If you can find someone good to help you start sorting through some of these emotional factors, it would also help immensely.

    If you'd feel comfortable with seeing her, my personal opinion, she's better than a psychologist. She charges $60 per session. She's in Medina, Ohio. I don't want to give the number out on the web, but if you have Spartan's E-mail, he has the phone number for her to make an appt.

    Re my symptoms before allergy elimination, I had every single fibro symptom there was, except my hair was not falling out. I could not breathe at all, I was white as a ghost on account of I wasn't getting hardly any oxygen into my body, extreme tiredness, I was crawling up the basement steps on my hands and knees, I would literally have to rest before I fed the dogs. yes, most definitely impacted my ability to work. I was dizzy, lightheaded, and, of course, the extreme pain, aches, fibrofog, etc.

    You have to do these detox regimens extremely slow. What I used to do, if someone recommended say one pill, I'd take a fourth, or whatever the dosage was, I used like a fourth.

    Chlorella is excellent!!! But, again, you are more than likely going to have some detox reactions with it, too, just start out with a little tiny bit, then increase it gradually. My personal opinion, you'd probably do better with the chlorella versus the herbals.

    Again, supplements Dr. Guess will put you on will help your organs start detoxing, all natural supplements. I had no problem with his supplements, except toward the end of when I was seeing him, he switched something around, and I had a few problems, but I had also started the Ambrotose at the same time. I don't think it was his supplements, but the addition of the Ambrotose that did it. It wasn't anything severe, just the depression that I've been battling the last few years. Going to Dr. Guess had improved it, at that time it was all the supplements I was taking was adding to it, I think. Once I got on Dr. Guess's regimen, the depression was much better, until I added the Ambrotose, and coincidentally Dr. Guess had switched a couple supplements, and back on the couch I went again with the depression.

    I got so depressed I never went back to Dr. Guess, but, again, it wasn't his supplements, but the addition of the Ambrotose. I wanted to stick with the Ambrotose though, as I felt it was a good product, so right now I'm taking the Ambrotose, my liquid colloidal minerals and that's it. Going to the CM got rid of the rest of the depression, I'm assuming, here again, healing some major deep emotional issues. I occasionally have days where I'm a teeny, weenie little bit depressed, but most days, I'm just in the joy zone.

    I'm not presently seeing Dr. Guess, am working this CM angle, trying to learn how to manifest healings myself on my own body, and then hopefully others. I still have a few problems, but am definitely better than I was last year at this time. Main problem I have right now is this spot in my mid back that doesn't seem to want to heal up and the bottom of my left foot. I know that both spots are emotionally related, and will continue working on them in that regard.

    I personally think, Monkeykat, it is imperative that you find someone on an emotional level to start helping you now. Again, these angry thoughts should not be suppressed, they should be dealt with ASAP.

    Actually, here is another person for you to check out. I just went to a free seminar at her house with a bunch of friends of mine from the past. We all were extremely impressed.

    She does not charge too much, $100 for first session, then $50 thereafter, she's an occupational therapist, Naturopathic doctor, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, and she does this therapy called ACTS, Advanced Care Techniques System. She lets your body tell her, through God, what needs to be fixed first and then she can reset your body from an energy standpoint to help facilitate this, and, most importantly, she does not deal healing from a supplement angle, strictly from a resetting of your bodies' energy systems to let your body heal itself. Seminar was very interesting and informative.

    Her name is Claudia Anders, phone is 440 260-0351. I was actually extremely impressed with this individual and intend to make an appt soon. All my other friends made appts that day, but I've just got too much on my plate right now with other things going on to take the time to see her. She has had excellent background training, and I think you may be able to achieve some healing success with her. If you want to wait, though, I am going to make an appt soon, I hope, and can give you an update after I go.

    I can most definitely tell you, however, that with all you have been through in your life, from a toxicity standpoint with your body, there is a definite correlation here. I can also most definitely tell you that you would be in very good hands with the CM. She is in good stead with God, Spirit, however you would like to classify that entity, JC himself, the Holy Mother, and a host of others, so you would be in very good hands and I think if you met her, any apprehension you have would quickly fade by the wayside.

    I was more hoping to recommend her to you, like say, next year, after you garner some more improvements in your health, but I can sense your extreme anxiousness in this whole healing process, and maybe you should go see her now.

    Maybe you could meet her once, see how you do, then put it on the back burner and go see her again next year.

    Again, listen to your body, listen to your intuition, do what you think is right for you.

    Again, Monkeykat, look at all the progress you have made since you started to go see Denise.

    Best thing about the CM, you can "cheat" a little as you can ask her anything, and I mean anything, and you will get an answer. Like, say, you could ask her about your healing progress and what to do next, again, you'll get an answer, most importantly, you'll aslo get a detailed explanation as to the whole process.


    Oh, spartan, I sure wish you'd try that Ambrotose product for your candida situation. It's a heck of a lot better than the other stuff you're using, and I think your body would like it a lot better.

    It might even help some of your other symptoms, too!
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    Hello ladies- I appreciate the info that both of you have posted re the candida products that both of you are taking.

    When i go back to my doc in a couple of weeks, i'll find out if i need to stay on nystatin any longer & based on that i'll need to make a decision.

    If i muscle test weak for candida, i'm probably in good shape & don't need to much add'l for now. But if i test strong for it, then i'm going to look at taking one of the products that you've recommended on the board.

    Dilemma is , which one to try...Monkeykat's enzyme solutions 17 or Sbilek's ambrotose. I have heard of ambrotose in the past, but would be interested in a bit more info re. it. Is it specifically for candida overgrowth, or, is it more of an overall beneficial supplement.

    Re the enzymes solution, is that a specific candida treatment & what are the ingredients..appreciate the info re these products.

  14. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member


    Re the Ambrotose, no, it's not specifically for candida, is a product that will benefit your whole being and has helped a host of conditions. Research it on the web, makes a lot of sense to me about the missing sugar chain we have in our bodies due to food processing.

    All I can say is to try it next time you have a candida problem, see what happens. Surely would be more healthy for your body than the Nystatin. I do find that if I quit taking it, the candida comes back, but I just start taking it again, no problems.

    I'd be interested how the Amrotose compares, ingredient wise, to Monkeykat's enzyme product.

    Hey, guys, just thought I'd let you know, came down the flu Friday night and Saturday got a "reminder" of what I used to feel like with the aches, jabbing pains in the joints, etc. Better today, colloidal silver and Elderberry Defense, two products I'm not without.

    Also, guys, just thought I'd let you know, picked up a little pamphlet from our local herb store called
    Violet Flame, to Heal Body, Mind & Soul, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It's a little pamphlet, basically deals with same stuff CM is doing re healing with the violet flame. We all have the power to do it, you just have to be open to it and practice it.

    If you're still unsure of whether or not to contact CM, might want to try to get ahold of this little pamphlet, then decide if that would be something you'd be interested in. She also gives tapes in the back to purchase, "very reasonable," so, again, if you're on the fence line, good way to check it out without stepping too much outside of the box. I'm sure you can find this pamphlet on the web or order it from a book store.

  15. spartanjt

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    Thx again for the Ambrotose this product available over the internet,,,or does it need to be ordered through a distributor?

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    Hi, I ordered the Ambrotose over the internet. I was given
    a member number. I also received a packet in the mail from
    the company with info about the products and company.

    I have been on the Ambrotose for 2 weeks now. It has brought
    on a horrible yeast infection in my belly button! Sbilek, is
    this a type of "die off" symptom? I have not had a yeast infection in years. I was hoping to get better, not worse.
    I am hanging in there and realize the Ambrotose takes time
    to really work.


  17. dreamharp

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  18. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    Monkeykat- Can you tell me what are the ingredients in enzyme solutions 17? & Are you taking it yourself right now?

    I have not yet talked to your Denise re this, but am planning on giving her a call once i see my doc again.

  19. dreamharp

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  20. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member


    Yes, more than likely a die off situation, but I would think this is a good thing, I'd think it means its pushing it out of your body.

    Not to be totally gross, but the die off situation I had was a green discharge that lasted for about two weeks.

    Sorry, didn't respond to this sooner, but I've been really sick with this awful flu that's going around. Haven't been this sick in a long, long time.

    I would continue with the Ambrotose, maybe cut back a little, but definitely don't stop it; otherwise, once you start back up, you'll be back to square one again, more than likely.

    If I don't take the Ambrotose continually, I will notice mild candida symptoms, but they disappear soon after taking the Ambrotose again. I did not experience the green discharge any more after first noticing it.

    Give the Ambrotose a chance. Reread the whys and the wherefores of it. It puts your body back into homeostasis so your body can heal itself.


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