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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bravegirl, Apr 8, 2003.

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    What is ART? How do you go about finding someone who does this? Would a masseuse do this? I know of someone who does massages for fibro that includes myofascial release and trigger point release as well as deep tissue massage. A rheumatoligist told me to avoid the deep tissue, but just recently another masseuse I met said that deep tissue is absolutely necessary for fibro. Anyone care to comment?
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    Sorry I don't know what ART is. But i do feel that massage is esseantial. That being said, I can't really afford to have it done very often. I am wondering if any of you know if insurance has ever covered it, or if there is some way that they will. I too would like to know what ART is. Thanks
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    ART is activated release technique done by a massuese. I found out about it by looking at the Devlin Starlyn website.
    They supposedly apply alot of pressure on a trigger point and while they do that you stretch. I just posted a question on this. All say it is very painful,expensive but works. I didn't try it yet but want to. Just type in on your internet web page "activated release techniques" and you will get articles.
    best to you
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    ART is not done solely by a massuese. As a matter of fact, usually only medical doctors of some sort are certified to do the active release technique. Most are chiropractors. I've had it done by my chiro on my shoulder before. Yes, it was painful at the time, but it paid off big time. My shoulder hasn't bothered me since. I'm going to have him do it again on my wrists for my carpal tunnel.
    There is a web site for it, it can direct you to an ART certified doc near you. Just go to a search engine and type in the name.

    Mel should be coming along sometime and he can tell you more about it.

    good luck!