Artesunate - interesting but buyer beware

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by denis321, Jul 20, 2009.

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    I have been interested in artesunate and its various forms because it seems to be a plausible drug to try in the treatment of CFS. There have been recent articles about its actions on herpesviruses in the medical press and it doesn't seem to be a far stretch to consider clinical trials on it for CFS.

    There is a lot of safety data from its use in thousands of people around the world for malaria and it has been approved for a while abroad and this Spring in the U.S. Although malaria is not that common in the U.S. there are enough people here traveling from abroad and U.S. travelers going for adventurous vacations that I suspect it will be widely available soon. (In fact one of the first things to think of for a traveler returning with fever is malaria.)

    It seems some people are taking artesunate already from various pharmacies but not forms/ pills manufactured by major companies which may be subjected to more regulation of quality. In this situation, aside from the risk of resistance, watch out for counterfeits pills from abroad:
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    i think most people are getting it from think thats where cheney gets it...?
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    It should also be noted that the doses used currently for malaria are 5 mg/kg (so 50mg/day is a very low dose). For example, a 130-lb person would be getting 300mg total a day.

    However malaria treatment duration is short - 3 days -and there are concerns about neurotoxicity with longer duration use.

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