Arthritis Legislation Progress Report from Arthritis Foundation

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    I'm passing along information emailed to me from the Arthritis Foundation, and thanking those who have participated in this legislation process!


    Please read email contents below: (This is GREAT NEWS!!!!)

    As Congress adjourns until after the November elections, we’d like to update you on the progress of the Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act (S. 424/HR 583). As of today, there are 216 cosponsors in the U.S. House and 49 cosponsors in the U.S. Senate. This represents nearly a majority of support in both chambers. Please congratulate yourselves on this accomplishment.

    We have more good news to share. This week the U.S. House passed a bill, National Institutes of Health Reform Act, (HR 6164), which would reform the organizational structure and reporting mechanisms at the NIH. Arthritis was one of only a handful of diseases specifically included in the Committee’s report that accompanies the bill. As the bill passed only the House, it is not law. However, arthritis was included as an area of specific emphasis because of all of our advocacy efforts on the APCC Act.

    Thank you for writing, calling, and visiting your legislators! We are making progress because of you!

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    Ya alright? I know you've been studyin' hard but miss
    you being active on the Board. Just want to be sure
    you are feeling "well" and that we miss your more frequent

    Thinking of ya!
    P.S. Ketchup wiff us on THE PORCH!!
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    i know it is precious for you as well as for me...but right now i want to see you get your dream come true...or atleast one of them...

    keep going girl..



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