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  1. yellow12rose

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    The study on bing cherries must be true b/c when the cherries came in season I started eating a lot of them and my knees felt better. The only problem they are not always in seasons. Can something else take its place?
  2. Nanie46

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    Hi yellow12rose,

    Glad to hear that the cherries helped you.

    Have you tried looking for pure cherry juice with no added sugars?

  3. jaminhealth

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    capsules you can purchased...I've used them over the
    yrs, never gave me enough relief, or any to speak of...I've used Pure Cherry Juice too;...depending on the severity of
    your issues...this supp could help you.

    I've tried just about everything out there.....

    I'm now taking a new supplement and have a long post
    about my journey on the FM group with it, for me NOW, it's helping the most of everything I've taken....I've had a added load of inflammation in the last 2 yrs since hip replacement...