ArthroZyme potent serratiopeptidase for pain anyone??

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    Well here is yet another supplement I'm thinking about trying and thought I would get your input if you have tried it for pain and if it helped. It came out in the Journal of Modern Health magizine , and has a rather long explanation about the supplement, its safty and of course testimonies of people who have used it with good results. Fibromyalgia was mentioned so that caught my eye.It bases the idea of the product in breaking down Fibrin in the body that is resticting muscles and joints causing stiffness and chronic pain, also reducing inflammation as in arthritis etc.Their theory is pain medication does little good for fibromyalgia due to its inability to get through this fibrin type sustance to reach painful areas.Also one other benefits is the reduction of pain due to its ability to block the release of pain inducing amines from inflamed areas.Anyway just thought I would throw this out and see if anyone has used it or is it just another empty promise. Thanks and God Bless
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    seemed everything I read on it said it was for helping "general inflammation". I could see where this could be some help to some people with FM but I cannot see it replacing the use of pain meds.

    A lot of the pain in FM is not from inflammation, we do get some inflammation as a result of the pain but the inflammation was not the initial problem. Therefore it would only help part of the problem.

    I also didn't see FM mentioned in any of the ads/articles I read...the biggest claim seemed to be cardiovascular health.
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